Sunday, January 30, 2011

NAACP president calls for Federal Marshals to arrest the board members

(1/30/11): Hamilton County Board of Elections Holds 8:00 AM Emergency Meeting on Hunter / Williams

There is an emergency Hamilton County Board of Elections meeting regarding the Hunter / Williams case tomorrow (Monday) at 8:00 AM at 824 Broadway. If you can attend the meeting please show up and wear your Cincinnati NAACP colors. FOR MORE INFO SEE NAACP PRESS RELEASE BELOW

NAACP president asks all to remain calm and peaceful at tomm's mtg.

Cincinnati NAACP

Media Release
CINCINNATI, OHIO - JANUARY 30, 2011 -The Board of Elections board
members should be held in contempt of court tomorrow if they do not
direct staff to begin the count. A federal judge has directed this
board to count votes. Their refusal is a disregard of the Federal
Court's authority. "The next step should be for Judge Dlott to have
Federal Marshals arrest the board members and take them to jail. Or
the Board of Elections meeting could begin to look like the crisis in
Egypt. This 4 member board is operating like a dictatorship,"
president Christopher Smitherman of the Cincinnati NAACP said.

The emergency board meeting is tomorrow (Monday) at 8:00 AM. The
location is 824 Broadway. "If you can attend the meeting please show
up and wear your Cincinnati NAACP colors. There is nothing more
important than counting votes. We are very close to a victory. The
Cincinnati NAACP will accept the outcome of the election after the
votes are counted," Smitherman said.

The Cincinnati NAACP wants peaceful expressions of disappointment
tomorrow. Do not fall in the trap of any illustrations of violence in
response to the boards suppression of African American voters. "We
will win if we stick together," Smitherman said.