Monday, March 17, 2014

NAACP President Ishton Morton arrested for assault on Executive Committee member (See mugshot)


In February Executive Committee member Nicole Taylor attempted to attend an Executive meeting being held by newly elected President Ishton Morton who replaced Christopher Smitherman.

Mr. Morton refused to let Ms.Taylor (who serves on the committee) into the meeting.  That's when she begin recording him with her Ipad.  Enraged he pushed her down the  snow covered stairs in front of independent witnesses causing emotional trauma.

Mr. Morton's attack on Ms. Taylor continues a very recent trend in Cincinnati in what some are dubbing, "Senseless verbal and physical  attacks on Black Women." 
Mr. Morton is reportedly not a U.S. citizen.
Ms. Taylor has served as a volunteer on the board for seven years.  She has fought for African American contractors to get contracts,in a city that currently gives them around 1%. She's fought  for justice in the "just-us" system. She has collected signatures for petitions.  If she were paid a salary for her outstanding volunteer work that would amount to around 200 thousand dollars.  Yet she gets repaid with attacks by and violence.