Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our mayor, the deceased senator, the persecutor, and Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown

you're an animal...
____________________________________________________________________ Occasionally, while dial flipping, I catch a few minutes of the Bill Cunningham show. Hey I like to know what Joe Deters boy is up to. Yesterday (August 25, 2009) I heard him talking to Mayor Mallory on the phone. The mayor being the distinguished politician and all (although he’s on the wrong side of the fence on a few issues) told Bill, Cincinnati’s best loved republican clown, that he could interview him, but only if Cunningham would agree to conduct himself appropriately. Two seconds into the interview Bill slips into his buffoonery, and the mayor hangs up on him. Bill called the mayor back and got the voicemail. And he called again, again, and again….. I was thinking Mayor Mallory should file phone harassment charges on Bill. ___________________________________________________________________ Ted Kennedy. I really liked the man. Any man that is a friend of President Obama is a friend of mine. (although President Obama is also on the wrong side of the fence on a few issues). Once while we were protesting in Lebanon, Ohio at a McCain/Palin rally ( We were protesting HCP Joe Deters position as John McCain’s southwest Ohio chair), an elderly white man approached me and told me that he liked Joe Deters. I told the man that I didn’t like Joe Deters' actions-- being that some accuse him of being a whore humping persecutor, his involvement with pay-to- play politics, and because of his laundry list of Dirty Deeds. Anyway, out of the blue, the elderly white man screamed at me that Deters was better than a murderer. I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about and was startled by his outburst. He went on to tell me that Ted Kennedy had let a woman drown, blah, blah, blah. I politely tip toed away. Why I’m telling this story?...I don’t know.. RIP Ted Kennedy __________________________________________________________________ So Deters is in the news claiming that he’s got to lay off prosecutors, blah, blah, blah. My advice to Deters, quit. Just resign. You’re pals with a known author of a racist online rag sheet. You’ve paid for sex according to my sources, and you call black people animals. Quit already.
no editing on this blooooooooooooog.