Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Deters made me do it.

Lord knows the Devil (Deters) made me do it. When I was growing up, in our household we were not allowed to swear. By swearing I don’t mean cursing--swearing meant--to swear that you were telling the truth. So for instance we couldn’t say, “I swear to God I saw Joe Deters humping a hooker in a car in Cleveland.” Instead, if we actually saw such an ungodly act, we had to say, “Lord knows I saw Joe Deters humping a hooker in a car in Cleveland.” We were Seventh Day Adventist and I never understand some of the rules of that religion. Anyway, anytime that I’d engage in a debate with one of my brothers or my aunties (who I was raised with), and I wanted them to know that I was telling the truth, I’d have to say “Lord knows (fill in the blanks).” and vice versa. If my grandmother, my Grandmabea, who raised us ever caught us swearing, she’d kick our asses “Joe Jackson” style. None of us ever considered it abuse. Lord knows we didn’t consider it abuse. See I’m telling the truth because I said Lord knows. Now if I’d said I swear we never considered it abuse, than I’d be lying and Grandmabea would kick my behind (if she were still alive) for swearing. But when I say Lord Knows, I have to be telling the truth. So here it goes. Lord knows I want to release Joe Deters like I promised in my book. I want to release this blog. I want this blog to be released into something beautiful that truly helps the community. Lord knows I can’t kick the habit of unleasing on this blog. Instead of unleashing I want to release. I want to be a good FBK. But for now, forgive me blog readers, I must continue to ramble and rant and refuse to edit. For now. I promise. Lord knows, I promise to TRY be good on this blog.