Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attorney DAVID SINGLETON says Joe Must Go!

David Singleton - Wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer re: Joe Deters
Ken Parker - Should run against Joe Deters
Peter Bronson - Conservative columnist, that agrees that Joe must Go! (not really worth mentioning)
Gov. Strickland -Put forth plan for prison reform
Bill Seitz - Conservative that Put forth a plan for prison reform
Jim Schfrin - Joe's boy (BFF) (not really worth mentioning)
Cincinnati Beacon -website that exposes Joe's Dirty Deeds


Anonymous said...

When are you going to come to the defense of that sicko morgue worker who was having sex with dead bodies? Joe Deters is prosecuting him again just because he wants to keep another black man in jail. How would you feel if your son was killed in one of those botched bank robberies he tried to pull? What if he got taken to the morgue and that guy put a love torpedo in his poop shoot? Joe must go!!!

FBK said...

CAJD will not come to the defense of the morgue worker. Our Condolences to the families whose deceased loved ones were violated or took it in the, as you put it, poop shoot.

We pray that the former morgue worker gets the help that he needs. We pray that Joe Deters will stop using over prosecution and jails to address social problems that can better be addressed through strategies such as drug treatment and mental illness treatment.

Jazzy said...

Once again backwoods Deters is making reckless comments in the media.

Backwoods needs a PR 101 class.

Anonymous said...

That's right! In the eyes of Jazzy and FBK this morgue worker isn't a pig. He's just misunderstood. He was probably having sex with those bodies to get tuition money. have some compassion Joe! Stop calling a guy who has sex with hundreds of dead victims of crimes, who's families have already been through hell--- a pig! So reckless, so very reckless! He wouldn't have called a white necropheliac morgue pervert a pig. Double standards! Double standards! You are so right JAZZY. And you are so not blinded by pure hatred and not blinded.

Anonymous said...

The only differnce between the morgue worker and FBK's boy is the pig will be out of the pokey in 6 years! What does that say for Baby Einstein?? Hell by the time he gets out you'll be able to buy an atom splitting kit at Walgreens. Please tell him to pay for it and not try to steal it. FBK's Dream DOA son will still be making plates for my 2028 Corvette.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up FBK.
It was good seeing you at last night's NAACP meeting.
I'm proud of the work that you are doing. You may or may not remember this but I told you back than something good when come out of your family's situation. It has in that you wonderful activist and advocate.

I love you and I have your back. Keep your head up.