Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Black family reunion parade took place today Saturday August 15. The parade started at 10:00. Yes it started at 10:00 am. It was a little disappointing that many in the community didn’t come out to watch the parade. Nevertheless my friend and I, LD, dragged out chairs (heavy lawn chairs) and we were easily able to get a spot to watch the parade. _____________________________________________________________________ The Good It was great to see Mayor Mark Mallory in the parade in the community. He was riding in a convertible, Scotty was at the wheel and the mayor’s assistant was on the passenger side. The mayor yelled to me, “I got your book.” I yelled back, “Did you read it?” He responded, “Yes.” I yelled, “Did you like it.” He responded something like it was inspiring/exciting. Many had speculated that the mayor would not take time to attend this event. There was some awesome drill team groups (steppers). One group that really "jammed" was a group from Trout Ohio. The drummers were great. And the girls managed to keep stepping and smiling despite the suffocating heat. Bernadette Watson’s entourage looked great. Her colors were awesome. Charlie Winburn entourage looked great. Anitra Brockman’s crew was in the parade. And they looked great. LaMarque Ward's group looked great. His group "represented." And instead of driving a convertible, LaMarque was on a scooter. Go LaMarque. If he rides a scooter in the parade, one can only imagine the freshness he’ll bring to council. Vanessa White for school board, her group rocked. There was a group (not sure who they were), they carried pink umbrella’s and wore pink shirts, they looked awesome. Krogers gave out some good goodies as did a few other companies The Bad ____________________________________________________________ Council member candidate Tony Fischer was friendly enough. Still I couldn’t help the irony of him shaking our hands in front of the Boys and Girls club, after he proposed cutting the communities recreation centers. Council member Cole was driving a hoopty Mercedes convertible that was smoking. Seriously. Billows of smoke, choked the attendees at the parade. Maybe she didn’t see us, but she only waved to one side of the parade attendees. She should have rode her motorcycle. Council member Cecil Thomas people "represented", but when I asked where he was they replied, “on vacation.” We wholeheartedly support Ceair Baggett for school board but the Democratic party, Democratic ticket should be ashamed of themselves putting that tiny banner, and only two people in the parade. They need something with more bang. Some stepping team from Dayton, Ohio left without performing in the parade. They stated they were hot and the parade was moving to slow. It was. Still quitters never perform, and performers never quit. ______________________________________________________________________ Why do the politicians think they can kiss our babies, toss us candy-- and we'll vote for them? The community is smarter than that which is probably why many in Avondale didn't come out for the parade. MORE UPDATES ON THE PARADE LATER