Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joe Deters' Mother-in-Law and WLW's Bill C. VIDEO

STOP BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER (Citizens Against Joe Deters strongly believes that families of public servants (although Deters does not serve the public justly) should be off limits as it pertains to politics. However, when a public official steps out of the role of public servant, switches their Prosecutor’s hate with a Persecutor’s hat, and continuously makes reckless public comments, and holds a public lynch against the accused (CAJD beloved son) before they are convicted in a court of law, then the public servant loved ones are subject to similar treatment from our group.

This blog will occasionally report accusations that are told to us. We cannot ascertain the validity of anything we report. Having said that-- we were told that Joe Deters’ mother-in-law introduced her daughter to Deters. We were told that Joe Deters and his mother-in-law are involved in a love affair. We were told that Joe Deters was shit-faced at a bar complaining to a former St. X chum, that he was sick of screwing his mother-in-law.

CAJD is NO Cunningham fan. The strange reaction to us confronting Cincinnati’s best loved or most hated Re-thug-lican clown is a reaction that stemmed from nervousness (and perhaps tequila). Check back for more video clips. We’ve got Chabot, Tryingtofoolya, Portman, Our Good Friend the Honorable Jean Schmidt and Charlie Winburn


Anonymous said...

Wow! Powerful stuff FBK! You have a future in investigative journalism. I liked the part when the Mother in Law introduced herself to you. Man, you could tell that she was hiding something. Or the part when you stuttered that stupid question to her, and she had no idea what you were talking about--freaking awesome. You should submit that for a nobel prize.

Honestly, the only thing disturbing in that video was the enormity of your rear end. Step away from the cupcakes. Joe must GO!

FBK said...

Don't want to be a journalist. Nope don't wanna.

Not that fat, video adds extra pounds. I'll, get get the fluffy blogging pounds off this summer. In time for my book tour.

Black media-radio-newspaper. Here I come.

Book is finished. Wrote an entire chapter about Joe Deters. None of this fluffy-fun-fattening blog writing. The stuff you want me to write, facts.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you used grammar and spell check.

I have an idea !! Maybe you can hook up with General Nikki X or Little Man Nate and start a whole new "movement".

If you know what I mean. : < )

FBK said...

Massa Joe I be kno'ing how da right or write massa. I be kno'ing Massa. Massa I kno you ain't won't me ta read massa but I done learned. Now's I kno that Joe was wit a ho at least dat wat dey told me. I ain't toles nobody yet alls I really Kno' first I got's to see if Massa keep his promise to set me free. But I be kno'ing do. I be's kno'ing do.

FBK said...

I understand that some of you are upset about the book. It's easier for you to attack the messenger instead of the message. It's frustrates some that my project is completed. Hate motivates me into action.

More evidence of double-standard Justice.
Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said his office is reviewing all aspects of the case, including whether Sturgel has mental health issues.
A grand jury will hear the case to determine charges. The case is death penalty eligible because two or more people were killed intentionally, Deters said.

FBK said...

Haters. If you can't attack the message, attack the messanger.

Coming to you soon.

Your attacks make me stronger.

Fist bump.