Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thanks/Confession/Halloween/The little Book that could

A BIG thank you to Lincoln Ware for having us on his show on (WDBZ the Buzz 1230 am) to talk about the book, and what we perceive to be the Joe Deters style of injustice in Hamilton county. I thank the Dukesters is Roselawn for allowing me to have a “ beer summit” , so to speak, at his restaurant. People showed up to show their support, and to share their stories of injustice in the criminal just-us system in Hamilton County. The overall message from the people who came out was that they believed that their loved one, should be punished if they commit a crime. However, they want them to be punished fairly. If you give Jontez 6 years in jail for paying a prostitute, then Joe should get 6 years in jail for paying a prostitute. ________________________________________________________________ There was a woman whose son (black) was convicted of killing a white teen in the neighborhood of Price Hill. Judge Winkler gave the teen life in prison. I pose this question: If the black teen had killed another black teen would he have gotten life without parole? I doubt it. He probably would have gotten 20 years or less. I hear people like Judge Winkler and Joe Deters love those 2 for 1's (black kills a black, one goes to jail, one to the morgue)
My condolences to family of murdered white teen.
I met a guy who was charged with conspiracy to sell drugs. He was given two years in the state penitentiary. He stated that the other conspirators (white), did not serve jail time. I hear stories like the aforementioned often when I visit various neighborhoods throughout Hamilton county sharing my son’s story. I thank the people who came out last night and bought a book, gave a small donation, or simply shared their stories. So far the community response has been excellent in support of the book. Speaking of the book.
____________________________________________________________________ The Little Book that Could I compare my self-publishing efforts of my book Dream Deferred to be comparable to one who produces their own CD. You put out your own cash because you believe in your work, you want to put forth a message, etc, etc. Your work is important to you and you believe it will help-inspire-challenge someone, so you spend a great amount of time trying to get it as perfect as possible. It’s not perfect. The 1st pre released edition of my book is not perfect. I’m proud of it, proud of the little book that could. Still the book is a pre-released edition that is only available in a limited quantity, and is thus far only available through this website or through the mail. We are almost out of books. Our goal is that each addition will get better. In the fall we will release a different more polished edition, in the winter will release a different more polished edition. Next summer we’ll release a different more polished edition. But we wanted to get the book out and start sharing our message with the community. The donations that have been given for the book have been for a good cause--GETTING MY BELOVED SON ANDREW A SENTENCE THAT FITS. Eventually we’d like to help all minorities and people with limited incomes get some justice in the injustice system. It seems like there are just a few us of working for this cause. We are really grass roots. But more people are signing up to help minorities and poor whites get some justice that fits and a sentence that works.
____________________________________________________________________ Looking ahead If the fall Citizens Against Joe Deters will hold another Halloween protest at Joe Deters office.
We’ll also have a Halloween party in October. Keep checking this blog site for more details.