Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to the real world Ryan Widmer—Get over it!

They say that three times is a charm, but in Ryan Widmer’s case, it’s a motherfuckin bitch.

Two times he beat the  system. But today he went straight to jail. That’s got to be a helluva thing. One day you’re at home "posted up" on your parent’s sofa,  tweeting chicks,  and the next day you’re being carted off to the Warren County jail, as the local media televises your every move. He is after all, the local media darlin’.

But he’s also a convicted killer. So stop acting like lap dogs local media.  Did Fox 19 really call him a convicted husband?  No MF's-- he's a convicted killer.

Welcome to the real world Mr. Widmer—the Just-Us system. The only justice given in the broken criminal justice system is to those that can afford it. And even then you might get screwed (thank you very much Persecutor Joe Deters and  Criminal "criminal" attorney Tom Heekin).

I understand the Widmers parent's fight.  I really do.  And a part of me feels sorry for them.  Because it's the damdest thing losing an offspring  to the prison system.

RIP Sarah Widmer nobody deserves to die like you!