Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is God pleased with Maggi Cook? Maggi Cook - Deters' Disciple

Unlike our  fellow brethen and sister, I'd  not had the opportunity to observe Maggi Cook until yesterday at the Hamilton County Commissioner's meeting.  At that meeting  she blurted out a rude comment when an NAACP executive committee member was speaking.  We are told this is typical Maggi. A self-proclaimed God fearing Christian who often has outburst and attacks people that don't agree with her POV.

After Maggi's outburst she requested to be escorted out by a HCC staff member.  Who does Maggi think wants to harm her?  After all if God is for Maggi, who can be against her?  The majority of Hunter supporters that turned out are real Christians, highly respected faith leaders in the area.  Others are tax payers, parents, grass roots activist etc.

A prayer for Maggi - Heavenly father we pray for Maggi and what appears to be her misguided soul.  We pray that she will learn through your words to watch her words and her actions.  We ask that you forgive her in your son Jesus' name.  We ask you to humble Maggi so that she will be open to new people and new ideas. We ask that you stop Maggi and others who seek to do harm against innocent people.  Thank you Father.  Amen.

Here's Maggi's take on yesterday's  meeting.

And here's another POV. And Another.