Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm so angry because I'm pregnant with Christopher Smithereens Baby! He is the babby's daddy

Read closely the word on that clown's t-shirt. This is Dave from Forest Park. Notice that he has his hands on his hips and proudly displaying that he is pregnant with the pimp's propaganda. .T-shirt reads, "I'm a Smithereen and proud of it."

What would make a grown ass man wear another's man's t-shirt?  Do tell?

ALSO, JOE DETERS IS LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF.  25,000 Grand and I got those D'Negroes fighting.
Great Job Deters! Some day they will find out about the Cleveland Gal.

NEXT POST SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CHAMBER - THE SECOND BLACK ORGANIZATION THAT THE CON MAN TOOK DOWN. Also, remember the sillyman had Edith Thrower, thrown under the bus? Sillyman started the dog and pony show. No?
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Anonymous said...

What a hairy, scary smithereen. Lol!

conmans wife said...

Question... Didn't the conman Clingman allow the pregnant man (Dave) to distribute flyers about you at the NAATP meeting? I received one and it had the pregnant mans email on it scratched out. So if he was trying to be 'down- low' about his identity. It did not work. Haha. Also, didn't the pregnant man single-handedly destroy the African American Chamber of Commerce due to sexual harassment accusations? Were you aware of that?