Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deters: La Salle students didn't have Foreseeability

A few years back Hamilton County Prosecutor stated that some parts of Cincinnati were like Jurassic Park and that he would never let his son visit certain neighborhoods.
On Tuesday Deters announced that the accomplices with La Salle student, Justin Brown, who was killed in a drug bad gone bad would not be charged because they didn't have FORSEEABILITY.

Forseeability - The facility to perceive, know in advance, or reasonably anticipate that damage or injury will probably ensue from acts or omissions. In the law of Negligence, 

The event which is the primary cause of the injury—is established by proof that the actor, as a person of ordinary intelligence and circumspection, should reasonably have foreseen that his or her negligent act would imperil others, whether by the event that transpired or some similar occurrence, and regardless of what the actor surmised would happen in regard to the actual event or the manner of causation of injuries.

Recap - Four high school Seniors go into a dangerous drug area and attempt to purchase drugs  with counterfeit money. However, because they didn't know that they could be killed when attempting to "fleece" an  alleged drug dealer they can't be charged.

It's an absolute tragedy that Justin Brown lost his life during this drug deal gone bad, but it's also a tragedy that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters  continues to slap the black community in the face with his double standard of justice.

Deters  not  charging Brown's accomplices reinforces the belief that justice is not blind in Cincinnati. Justice  and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters damn well knows  the race of the people he charges or  decides not to charge.

In order for our racial wounds to heal the laws most be applied equally regardless of race, class or economic status. 

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