Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LaSalle shooting and look how Enquirer treats our kids

Kimball Perry (a racist reporter) is friends with Joe Deters (a racist prosecutor). Together they conspired and put this story in the rag about three African American teens.

LaSalle Student shot.   

Senior Justin Brown died after being shot in a drug deal gone bad.  It is reported that Justin Brown and three accomplices (also LaSalle students) were trying to use fake money to buy drugs.  When the dealer Dierres Lee discovered that he had been given fake money, he allegedly shot into the car killing Brown.

This is a 5 way tragedy.  Justin Brown is dead (R.I.P/Our hearts bleed for him).  His friends,  if Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wasn't biased, could be charged with felony murder for causing Brown's death.  They didn't pull the trigger;  however  their friend was killed during the commission of their crime. They bought drugs and used counterfeit money to purchase the drugs.

Dierres Lee who probably lost the audacity to hope a long time ago, will never see the light of day- 19 years old and his life is over.  That's a tragedy. And that's what happens when you allegedly   use a gun to kill someone.   Our heart bleeds for this young man because he is the hate that hate (racism/racist ) produced.  People like Deters write him off at birth.

Solutions anyone?  Consider this?