Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How the BLACK community failed Judge Fanon Rucker.(Picture)

How the Black community failed Judge Fanon Rucker

 I turned the TV off after catching the first few minutes of the local 10’oclock news. The poll results listed at the bottom of the screen showed that Judge Fanon Rucker was losing by a fairly large percentage. I’m not sure at this point, how many precincts had reported. I went to bed. I knew better than to make the assumption that Judge Rucker would lose because in the past when I went to bed and assumed that my candidate had won or lost – I’d wake the next morning and it was never what I thought. If I thought they won, they’d lost and vice versa.

I said a big prayer for Rucker and dozed off to sleep.

I rolled over in bed around 2 am As I punched the button on my laptop and hit the TV remote. I saw the slaughter. Judge Rucker didn’t just lose – he got slaughtered. My eyes aren’t worth a damn, so I was not sure if the numbers at the bottom of my TV screen were correct. I sure hoped they weren’t. I thought the numbers were Rucker’s opponent 70%. Rucker 30% WTF. Ouch.

I forced myself to go back to sleep. It was either that or cry. The next morning I went to Judge Rucker’s Facebook page. The condolences/words of encouragement had begun to roll in.

As a writer, I was at a loss for words. I didn’t post anything. Instead I “liked” other people’s post. I noticed that Judge Rucker had yet to post anything.

I was glad I had not attended his watch party at Mixx. It was no way I could have faced the man that I’d first met at another night club about 4 years earlier. I was a  hot mess of a mother with a son who would very soon be sentenced to more years in prison than he’d been alive. Someone at the club mentioned that the guy with the Heineken was a judge.

I approached Judge Rucker and poured my heart out to him about my son’s case which he was familiar with as it was all on the damn news. With tears and red eyes, I asked the judge if my son had come before him with this case, how many years would he give him. “Seven,” Judge Rucker said as he lowered the Heineken from his lips.

I don’t know if Judge Rucker was telling the truth, but I do know from the look in his eyes that he recognized my pain, and that meant the world to me.

Over the years, I have run into Judge Rucker at community events, and I can count on my one hand the number of men that love and uplift our communities. Judge Rucker is one of them. Most recently he spoke at a voter pre-rally that I organized. And if there are angels on earth Judge Rucker is one of them. Well spoken, well groomed, attractive in a Lawyer, Godly way. I personally know at least a dozen black women that want to marry him, and at least twice as many that want to bleep him because he’s a judge.

But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about a great man that lost a judges’ race because a large population of our community did not get out and vote.

Early on Wednesday, my kinder, gentler Republican friend texted me this. Jean Schmidt lost. Because we are both political junkies, we had texted back and forth all day on Super Tuesday. I knew what my friend really wanted to text was that Fanon lost. Even though he is a Republican - he was really rooting for Judge Rucker. I sent him this text back. “Good morning. Yeah, Wenstrup handed Jean’s “ass” to her. Also, the great Judge Rucker lost Racist county-wide elections. Yeah, I said it that was some bullshit.”

Jean Schmidt

First, I knew it was a state race, but I was texting early. Secondly, I knew that my friend hated when I blamed anything on race. To prove to me that it wasn’t race my friend who’s good about looking up election results,  went to various counties throughout the state of Ohio that he knew were black areas. He told me that Judge Rucker had lost in black counties and Hamilton County. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

I became angry and outraged. I try never to blame my people. When in doubt, blame it on racism and the racist white man (not to be confused with good white liberals and decent white conservatives). But the reality and according to my friend's research (which at some point I will double check) Our people - the blacks didn’t turn out.

And that’s why I say – how the black community failed Judge Rucker.

I'm sure when Judge Rucker goes to the United States Supreme Court (yes, US Supreme Court), he'll look back and laugh at the lost - but for now, I'm sure it hurts

Shaking my MF head. Good night. 

FBKs an unapologetic eBook writer.  Her 19-year-old beloved son is serving a 20-year sentence for a bank robbery that he committed to pay for college tuition, and it’s real fked up.

Dear Supporter, (email from Judge Rucker)

Since announcing my candidacy for the Ohio Supreme Court last November, I have traveled all across Ohio and have met remarkable people who have now become friends and supporters of the message that Ohioans deserve a Supreme Court:

That is representative of all the people affected by its decisions,

Whose Justices' professional paths are paved with experience in many areas of the law, and

Most importantly, that exercises its affirmative responsibility to take steps to ensure public trust in the legal system.

While we didn't succeed in getting the votes we needed, no one should be deterred or unhappy. We worked extremely hard and convinced a lot of Ohioans that representation on the Court is an achievable goal. The campaign has received tremendous support and great positive feedback. In this, my first State wide campaign, I was identified by the largest paper in the state as "the future of this Party" and received endorsements by College Democratic groups as well as County Democratic Parties large and small.

None of this would be possible were it not for the dedication of our campaign team and volunteer core: Carla Walker, Richard Moore, Bernadette Watson, Eric Kearney, Jenny O'Donnell, Tylon McGhee, Tanner McFall, Laurie Housemeyer, Tiana Rollinson, Felicisa Evans, Jaladah Aslam, Gigi Traore, Mike Wright, Daniel Rajiah, Nathan Waller, Kevin Johnson, Duane Weems, Luke Davis, and Strickland Drumright. They worked tirelessly over the last couple of months and I appreciate their commitment to the campaign.

To those who supported with online posts, phone calls, text messages, and contributions, I am extremely grateful for your time and compassion. Thanks also to Tim Burke, Chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party for his advice, encouragement, and guidance.

I look forward to continuing my work on the Municipal Court in Hamilton County and to my continued engagement in the Greater Cincinnati community or beyond.

Thank you again for your support throughout this journey and God bless.

Fanon A. Rucker



Anonymous said...

He deserved to lose. His entire career has been based on nepotism due to his daddy being a Sup Ct justice in Indiana. Justice O'Neill worked hard, ran a good campaign, and didn't accept a dollar of campaign money from anyone. Additionally, Rucker was the endorsed candidate of ODP, and thus received a huge advantage over O'Neill. Implying racism is beyond ridiculous. You're clearly black and just wanted a black man elected. I find it hilarious that you met him in a night club, drinking a beer, and he told you straight up how he would rule in a case, and you think he's a good judge. He doesn't even deserve his seat in Hamilton County, andi hope he loses his re-election.

soulseach7 said...

Dear Anonymous, you have no idea what nepotism is all about? Unless, this judge had you locked up. Then I understand your rant. But if that's not the case well here goes. Joseph Deters is the Son in law to Blonde Sylvia Hendon in Hamilton county court system. Ok? Joseph t.Deters married her daughter to gain political power something he always wanted in hamilton county. Secondly, to say "he deserved to lose" implies your racist and don't like black people, especially in power. Thirdly, your not really anonymous. Most white people in Cincinnati feel the same way you do. And last but not least, so what his Daddy was in a high ranking office? Bush's daddy was the 43 president of the United States? What is your point? Except to say that you are the true definition of an "HATER"
Wish you well,
Signed your not valid...