Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haley Barbour gives GIFT to Joe Deters

Haley Barbour
Eat your "MF" heart out Joe Deters.

Remember when that fat-nasty-pasty Paul LePage, Maine’s Tea Party-backed governor declined to attend a NAACP Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event? Remember he told the NAACP TO kiss his ass?

Well for some reason I’m getting LePage confused with Governor Haley Barbour who recently gave reprieves to more than 200 inmates. Some are angry and think Haley has lost his mind. I think he’s spent a life time of hating folk and his  releasing the inmates is a form of reverse hate. He’s hated so many for so long that now he’s set free those that remind him of people that he’s spent a life time hatin’ It's late I have to think this one through.  Read a more meaniful post on the this blog below.  Good night wonderful blog readers. 

We've been saying it for over four years at this blog.

Blog Readers Deters has got a lot of money in his war chest.  Trotter can win this through the power of the social media.  If you like the article, please share.  Post comments.
Joe must Go!
Joe must Go!
Jo must Go!
We applaud and salute Attorney Trotter.