Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deters: The Black Vote is not for Sale

There use to be a time, I’m told, that politicians worked to earn your vote. They'd  come to your churches and kiss your babies. They would march in your parades and help the elderly cross the street. Of course they were pandering to the community. But at least they pandered with a condom on.  You knew they wanted to bleep you.

Now comes the case of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who has been  absent in the black community. No radio interviews, no lollipops and no baby kissing.  Of course not,  he hates our black babies.

He wants to bleep us without a kiss.

When that Mahogany’s thingy was going down foolish Republican  radio talk show host  Ken Anderson stated:

“Black people are like rats, it’s like a group of people got together and decided what it would cost to destroy the black community, and they decided it could be done for less than a million dollars. Blacks are fighting over the cheese (the restaurant) which is actually less than a million dollars,” 

Deters has decided the cost to destroy the black community, or to at least buy your vote  is $25,000. Probably he paid that hooker in Cleveland more.

If the  below statement  isn't enough to make your throw up.
Joe Deters is Hamilton County’s longest serving Prosecuting Attorney.