Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can the Cincinnati NAACP be saved? Exactly how many members did Smitherman sell?

Last Tuesday Christopher Smitherman was reelected to a fourth two year term of the chapter.  Smitherman won re election by 239 votes.  I’m careful not to say that Smitherman beat his challenger Robert Richardson.
Mr. Richardson did not lose to Mr. Smitherman. The community lost to the Tea Party and Coast. Prior to the election many believed  that the Tea Party and Coast had infiltrated our organization, but as a caller on a radio show  -  so correctly  stated, it wasn't an infiltration by the Tea Party and Coast it was an invitation to them to join by Christopher Smitherman. 
Rumors are swirling  that invited Tea Party members along with Coast dunked a measly ten thousand dollars into the hotly contested race to purchase memberships for people who promised to vote for Smitherman.
According to our sources the blood pack between Smitherman, Tea Party members and  Coast was agreed upon as follows: If Tea Party and Coast members supported Smitherman with this race Smitherman would sell his remaining black (roughly three hundred)  NAACP supporters/members to Chris Finney who would in turn sell the members to Secretary of Suppression Jon Husted who is going to need black votes in 2014.
In addition to Smitherman selling off black people  he would agree to be silent regarding 21stcentury lynching’s which is  voter suppression and he would remain silent regarding the Judge Tracie Hunter case.
Smitherman also allegedly solemnly swore  that the most marginalized, disenfranchised, criminalized and victimized  members in the chapter would  continue to unknowingly work for Coast and collect signatures for non civil rights related petitions.
Next up on Mr. Smitherman’s NAACP plate is an issue that may or may not involve Coast. The issue is to strong hold the NAACP membership into voting to circulate a petition that will prevent the city from privatizing our parking.
At this blog we can’t think of any instance in which selling  off  city property is a good idea. We also don’t think another petition should be the chapter’s next fight.  City Manager Milton Dohoney and Mayor Mallory are intelligent black men faced with making  city budget decisions.  If instead of considering privatizing parking they suggested laying of police or fire – Tea Party members would probably suggest that they get lynched.  To privatize or not privatize parking is NOT the chapters next fight.
Consider that a great many of our chapter members are on the bus. Those not on the bus only visit downtown Cincinnati a couple times a year.  Many of the members are working folks trying to scrape by and will not be motivated to circulate another petition.
The chapter’s next move should to assist with the Tracie Hunter situation and to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the mid-term elections.

Can the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP be saved from the Tea Party and Coast?  Yes, but only if you join.  See you at our next meeting 
When: Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM
Where: Rev. Dock Foster Church
Unity Missionary Baptist Church

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