Saturday, August 6, 2011

Want Justice? Join Us!

"This blog was created because of corrupt Prosecutor Deters, but it's not always about Deters. There's a lot of work that needs to be done in communities across this country - no just-us, no peace."

What if Rev. Al were too…?

I can’t type that three letter word about a man I revere.

And I wish that scary thought had never entered my mind a couple of weeks ago, but it did and I’m going to deal with it, even if I won’t type what “it” is. And if “it” is something you don’t want to deal with than you might want to stop reading this now.

If something were to happen to the Rev. Al --

Black people would be without a leader.

It’s not that there aren’t leaders upon leaders in black communities and good leaders too, there are, but is there anyone that compares to the Rev. Al?

When the Rev. Al puts the clarion call out for communities to organize around a particular cause--it’s loud. I can picture an MC on stage introducing Rev. Al like this, “Make some noooooooooise.” And the crowd goes wild. Help is here. Help is here.

I heard an unidentified person state in a video on NAN’S website, something like this--when Rev. Al Sharpton gets involved with someone’s unjust situation, it’s almost a guarantee that they will get justice.

This is certainly the reason why each day countless people call into Rev Al’s radio show, “Keeping It Real” and plead their case, or the case of a friend or family member. Everyone wants the Rev Al’s help.

Sometimes the request are ridiculous and funny, but more often than not they are despicable acts of injustice.

Some just-us stories I’ve heard told on the Rev Al’s radio show, bring me to tears. I wish I had the resources and the name recognition to take up the case. After all, once upon a time, I wrote to the Rev. Al with my sad story. I never heard anything from the Rev. Al, and I’m sure my story was just one of thousands of requests for just-us help.

However, instead of throwing myself a pity party, well actually I threw several pity parties, but I also got up off my rump, rolled up my sleeves and increased my efforts to help the people in my community make better choices, and to support them in the unfortunate case that they make a bad choice. I work for Sentences that fit. Justice that works.

Each day I pray for the safety and well being of Rev. Al. At the end of August I plan to charter a bus to Washington for a Rally and March in conjunction with the Rev Al’s National Action Networks “Fight for Jobs and Justice Movement!

The Rally and March will also commemorate the unveiling of the MLK monument on the National Mall.

On our bus we are taking over a dozen young people because we plan to train and raise up our next generation of leaders. Because as Rev Al always says, “The Leader you’re looking for, you look at in the mirror every morning.”

Right on Rev.
Join Us!

UPDATED: Washington D.C. King Monument Itinerary and Payment information

WHAT: March on Washington to commemorate the unveiling of the MLK monument on the National Mall in conjunction with the National Action Networks “Fight for Jobs and Justice Movement! Visit

WHEN: August 26, 27th & 28th

Boarding and Departure from Cincinnati: Friday August 26, 2011 at 9:00 pm

Departure location: Future site of New Prospect Baptist Church (formerly Harmony school). The location is 1580 Summit Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 (Roselawn)

***We will have a Pre - Rally at 7pm at departing location even if you don't make the trip, please come out and support us***

We will arrive in DC Saturday morning (around 10am), freshen up, breakfast and then proceed to Rally and March. We’ll re-board the bus from the National Mall around 5:00 pm and go to the hotel for a much needed rest and hospitality, event or evening play on your own. Were urging everyone to dress in lose fitting, comfortable clothing and wear appropriate shoes made for walking.

Boarding and Departure from Washington D.C.: Sunday August 28, 2011 at 11:00am. Anticipated arrival time in Cincinnati, Ohio is 1 am.

Cost as outlined below:

Transportation: $91.00 per seat

First payment of $45.00 is due immediately and $46.00 balance is due August 12th PLEASE SEND MONEY ORDER OR CHECK ONLY PAYABLE TO Life Trip Inc. Mail check: TO V. STRAUGHN AT P.O.BOX 32095 CINTI, OH 45232

Hotel: $99.00 + tax and applicable fees (2 double beds per room) if you are staying with relatives or friends please let us know so that we can provide you with boarding information on the return home.

Rooms must reserved immediately. Trip organizers have reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden In Silver Springs MD, under the King Memorial Group. Travelers are responsible for booking their own rooms by calling 1-877-881-2683 or directly to the hotel at 1-310-622-3333 or visit and input our group code KMG.

Questions? Contact Sis. V 513-226-8170