Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WDBZ black radio host disses Marching

Last week I posted on facebook a link to an article about the upcoming March and Rally in Washington, led by Rev. Al Sharpton and Tom Joyner, to commemorate the unveiling of the MLK monument on the National Mall.

In response to my post I received the following smart ass comment from political astute radio talk show host, Nathan Ive.

“We march too damn much, dont you think?”

I was floored that the comment came from a “conscious” black man. Was he kidding me? Here’s how I responded to his post.

 Nathan, each day I listen to your callers, the Buzz callers (some of them are sorry as fk), call in and complain and whine—my baby’s been shot, my baby’s been over prosecuted- we ain’t got no jobs – and they never get off their ass and try to change their circumstance, and some refuse to VOTE. Well, the marchers – we get off our asses and shine a bright light on the disparities in this country. And as Rev. Al says – marching won’t solve the problem, but it will expose it. Right on Rev. Al! If not a march, or prayer vigil, than what? What can we do Nate? I’m not going to sit back and watch Black men become extinct. You are a dying breed Nate and you better recognize. Appreciate you, brother, seriously. At least you do something.

I purposely did not mention in my reply comment that as I helped organize several buses going to Washington from Cincinnati, I'd heard one too many black folks asks me if marches/rallies/protest – I throw them all in the same pot of greens –are still effective.

Hell yes they are.

We need people willing to march and shine the spotlight on America’s greatest national shames:

• Attacks on poor and working class

• Wrongfully incarcerated and over incarcerated (thank you Joe Deters)

• Police misconduct

• Unemployment

• Substandard education

• Substandard health care


This is my clarion call to the community if you can’t make the bus trip with us to Washington—you can come out to the pre-rally. See details below.

                                               SAVE THE DATE

What: Jobs, Justice, and Peace Pre- Rally

When: Friday August 26 @7 pm

Where: New Prospect Baptist Church – Rev. Lynch’s church (formerly Harmony school)

1580 Summit Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 (Roselawn)


Why: On August 26 hundreds of Cincinnatians will board charter buses headed to Washington, D.C in conjunction with the National Action Network “Fight for Jobs and Justice Movement!”

The Rally and March will also commemorate the unveiling of the MLK monument on the National Mall. V

We invite the community to attend the Jobs, Justice and Peace Pre-Rally at 7pm.

David Singleton executive director of the Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC) will kick off this event.

No jobs, no justice, no peace. March on.