Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prosecutor: No charges in Cincinnati/Xavier brawl & ESPN VIDEO

UPDATE DETERS GOT HIS FIVE MINUTES OF SHAME, released, decided not to prosecute
Gates reached out to Frease via text. Class Act Gates & Frease shake hands and make up. Thanks for not becoming the persecutor's pawn - Frease.

Once again the most dangerous prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County  has crawled from under his rock in pursuit of another media nut. Deters’ office is reviewing whether anyone should be charged in the big fight that took place in the final minutes of the Crosstown Shootout.

Deters has his eye on the University of Cincinnati basketball players. He would love to rope University of Cincinnati senior Yancy Gates for “clocking” that white boy – Kenny Frease. .

Face it, Deters could give a rat’s ass about a college brawl or the embarrassment the melee brought to our already embarrassing town. Deters wants to prosecute because a black athlete hit a white athlete.

I spoke to an attorney who stated that Deters probably won’t prosecute, because to do so would set a precedence and all testosterone filled college and professional athletes that behave badly would have to be prosecuted.

Deters may not want to set a precedence, but he loves to make examples out of black men. Regardless of whether he prosecutes in a courtroom, he has already prosecuted Gates  in the court of public opinion and made all aware that black men are held to a different standard than other races of men.

Gates was absolutely wrong and he’s apologized and cried for hitting Kenny Frease. What I saw of the fight from news clips, disturbed me. Gates sucker punch was an unwarranted “bitch move.”

To convict black men in the court of public opinion  is a familiar move in Deters’ corrupt play book - it’s his “bitch move.”

Black Cincinnatians are all too familiar with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and his just –us justice as it is applied to minorities and poor people. To prosecute or not prosecute depends on whether a person is white, wealthy, and well-connected, two of the three must apply.

Deters does not like black men and he isn’t afraid to make it known. Deters hates black men like Hitler hated Jews. Deter believes black men are responsible for society’s ills. In an article that appeared in the paper of record in the 90’s, Deters stated that he wished someone would put black men in cages and let them shoot themselves. He often refers to black men as animals or monsters and refers to their neighborhoods as being similar to Jurassic park. Under Deters Dictatorship more black men are sitting on Death Row than in any other of Ohio’s 88 counties. Deters will give a mentally ill man the death penalty for killing a white girl. Google Anthony Kirkland, Esme Kenney. Deters will give a black former professional athlete living in his neighborhood life for dating a white girl. Google Nathan Webster.

Poet Maya Angelou says that when a person shows you their true self, believe them.

Black Cincinnatians believe that Deters has showed us his true self. Activist, Reporters, colleagues, foes, elected officials, white people, black people, Republicans and Democrats, have been trying to show Deters the door away from his part-time position as prosecutor/persecutor for way too long,

But Deters isn’t going anywhere until he damn well feels like leaving. He’s going to continue to shove it up the black man like a pimp has a john shove it in his ho – harder, deeper, longer – over prosecution, stiffer sentences, double-standard of justice.

If Yancy Gates had never heard of Joe “TNT” Deters before he threw that sucker punch, it will now become a name that he will never forget. Gates will become a notch on Deters’ semen stained resume.

I am a graduate from the University of Cincinnati. As an alumni, as a mother of two college aged young black men, as a person who serves my community working with young people to help them make better choices than I made - I was certainly ashamed to see clips of the players fighting on the news.

I do not condone uncivilized or illegal behavior. Not from the athletes, not from the prosecutor.

Joe Must Go!  ESPN VIDEO

Attorney Janaya Trotter plans to challenge Deters for the position of Hamilton County Prosecutor in November 2012 – she better hope to God she’s not done like in that movie The Firm.

Deters Death Christmas Wish List

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edna said...

I have only one question. Is Joe Deters related to Gingrich?

CAJD said...

Newt and Deters very similiar. Cheaters.Cheat with women. Cheat in politics. ReThuglican.

Anonymous said...

"...that white boy..."

Wow. if this isn't a bunch of racist bile, then what is? Since these comments have to be approved by the blog author I am sure they will not see the message board.

CAJD said...

Listen Anon - don't get so bent out of shape. America unscrambled - I Am Race
That "white boy" comment was put in - to do exactly what it did to you - make you have a reaction. All better now? See you tomm.
FYI some of my best blogger buddies are white people.