Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unconvicted Felon--How I make Deters' solider stand at Attention

Hey Blog readers

I was speaking with a friend earlier this evening-- a friend's whose opinion I both trust and respect. After reading a few of my recent blog post the friend commented on how they liked the recent post, or at least found them amusing, but that they really wished I'd blog about more substantial things -- as an example criminal justice reform.

It wasn't the first time that I'd heard such a comment, not from that person, but from others who have opinions that matter to me. Earlier this year I wrote a post about wanting to live my life more purposefully. I meant that. I continue to serve my community by volunteering countless hours on a board, at my church, more recently jumping on board to help relief efforts in Haiti (although on a small scale).

Right after the friends comment I caught two programs on TV One. One was a program about prison reform, and the other program was about grass roots activism with my main man Al Sharpton. After watching countless black men and women talk about how they were making a difference in our communities and how others can get involved; I begin to feel kinda silly about posting such gibberish--at times.

In fairness to me, nonsense and petty attack posting helps me heal. Two years later and I’m still messed up about my son‘s stiff sentence. I am still angry about the deal Deters cut that was not. I’m still angry that Deters used my son to get a Media nut. There will come a point in which I’ll get over it, and channel 100% percent of my time into making real change. And trust me, I spend lot's of energy trying to make this world a better place for our communities.

But for now blog readers please forgive my moments. I went to see my son Friday evening. I couldn’t help but take notice what the new face of the prisoner looks like. They look like my son Young, Black, incarcerated.

I won’t go there in this blog post about why they are in prison. Instead all me to share an interesting word or term I learned this week. The new word, or term , I learned, actually isn’t even a word--unconvicted. Unconvicted felon. It’s a lot of SOB’s in this town and across America that are unconvicted felons. Joe’s an unconvicted felon.

Some of you are not going to believe this, or maybe you will, but every time I post a really nasty post about Joe, his solider stands at attention. Attennnnntion. Attention.

I didn't think anybody but a blond hooker could get a rise out of Joe.


Joe’s got baby Jenna’s blood on his hand.


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