Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day fast for Haiti. NAACP and my local heroes!

The way I have chosen to honor that outstanding man being of the name Martin Luther King Jr.  is to spend my day fasting with liquids. 

A few of us are fasting and we are purposeful in our fasting as a group. Our fasting is to help us be mindful of the great struggles that the leader that came before us faced and overcame.  Fasting is also a way for us to connect with our beloved brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will also be praying that they pass through the storm of suffering quickly and as painlessly as possible.

On a local note- Our local  heroes. 

I am very proud of my brothers and sisters at the Cincinnati NAACP.  Kudos to SmitherMan...

...for leading the charge to end local economic apartheid.  Some of you may frown upon the tactics used to send the message to the status quo that excluding African-American contractors from work is unfair.  But sometimes you have to make some noise to be heard!

I am very proud of David Singleton...

...of the Ohio Justice and policy center for the fantastic work they do.  OJPC works to eliminate racism in the criminal justice system among many other things.

A little humor.

As I knew today, and perhaps for a few days, I would be fasting for the above mentioned reasons, I decided to pretend that I was on “Joe Deters death row” about to eat my last meal. I  picked a fantastic meal before embarking on my fast.  For breakfast I had honey spiced - hand rubbed bacon bought at a Honey baked ham store.  The bacon is to die for (no pun intended), and a cheesy- omelet.

Happy MLK, Jr. day blog readers. May you spend this day, and everyday purposefully.

And as Al Sharpton would say-- the hero you are searching for you see in the mirror every damn morning. (maybe he didn’t say dam, dam!)

(disclaimer I am not stating that members of the NAACP are the group that's fasting, nor am I connecting naacp with ojpc. I'm simply stating who MY local heroes are. Damn, sorry MLK)