Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eric Deters fired....Goes on Ware's show disses Joe Deters *UPDATE*

***Deters (Eric0 gets new radio host gig on WQRT - Am 1160 (weekdays 6-8)
Usually this blog exist to get our readers up to date. But we are behind on the firing of Eric Deters.  Do tell...what happened?

We've  posted stuff on this blog about Eric in the past.Search this blog if you want to learn a little about Deters.

If the outright racist radio station fires you, what does that say about you?

To be honest Deters (Eric) comments or video blog didn't much bother us.  Deters is a bit corny, a little funny. He failed to mention his discretions, but had no problem mentioning others discretions. Shame on him for that.

Same with that persecutor.  Prosecutes others.....but he never gets caught.