Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Check out the commercial for upcoming Deters' Protest

Thanks all.  We get lot's of LOVE on this site. Thank you too many that are courageous enough to share your stories of Injustice in the Hamilton county Just-Us system.  I also thank Lincoln Ware because whether one agrees or disagrees with him, he offers a platform to let our voices be heard.  We will be at Mixx Ultra Lounge in Dowtown Cincinnati, at around 11 am.  Then we will head over to persecutor Deters office for our noon protest. Please join us. Bring posters, bullhorns, if you dare--wear a costume.  It's time to tell Deters that he does not have leave Cincinnati but he needs to get the hell out of the prosecutor's office. Questions feel free to email us at

Check out the commericial.


Anonymous said...

this is funny fbk keep it up he is a racist