Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peter Bronson....You talking to me?!

Upon 1st reading Peter Bronson’s column that he wrote about moonlighting Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, a couple of questions entered my mind. 1. Is Peter Bronson to newspaper readers what Rush Limbaugh is to radio listeners? These questions came to mind after Citizens Against Joe Deters received an interesting mix of mindless responses in response to Bronson’s column. The most interesting and most hateful comments came from Republicans who attended the Kevin Dewine fundraiser on February Friday 13th. One guy who looked shit faced, and seriously resembled a taller version of Joe Deters, put his hand in the form of a gun and pointed it at me. Then he asked me if my son was the robber with the big gun or the little gun. The next question that came to mind was how big is Bronson‘s pair. Clearly he had to have a big pair to write anything negative about Joe Deters. Especially considering that Deters is the Enquirer’s darling. Although the opinion of a column writer does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the newspaper. Regarding Deters moonlighting column probably ½ of the column could be said to reflect the Enquirer’s POV. Can anybody guess what half? Give up. The half of the column in which he tossed my beloved son under the bus. After sitting down and rereading the column. I developed different opinions about Bronson’s column on Deters. Below are the top ten reasons why Bronson’s Deter's column is whacked! 1. Bronson column was a day late and a dollar short (See CAJD last month's post on the moonlighting Deters 2. If Bronson has a pair, they are old and worn out. Some say they are worn out thanks to the former assistant prosecutor, who allegedly was doing both Bronson and former prosecutor Mike Allen. 3. Bronson gave Deters a little slap on the wrist. Yes he’s a moonlighting Prosecutor but what about Deters’ additional laundry list of Dirty Deeds (Pay to Pay, Voter intimidation/suppression, double standard justice, bonking the hooker in the car in Cleveland (allegedly). 4. Bronson writes that most people turn their anguish into prayers and let them go like a kite. Really? Deters? Bronson? Shall I continue? 5. Bronson writes that he understands the anger? Really? Is Bronson a parent? Does Bronson believe that racial disparities in sentencing exist? 6. Bronson writes that CAJD blog is a muddy puddle of smears, gossip, and outright falsehoods. Really? I challenge Bronson to name one outright falsehood. If the CAJD blog was an outright falsehood, Joe Deters would SLAPP our group. A slapp is a Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation. Deters threatened to sue me before and while CAJD may not be an anvil on his head, clearly we get on his frickin’ nerves. Just ask Deters mother- in- law, who he is allegedly having an affair with (hey folks I don’t make this stuff up) Mother-in-law introduced herself to me at Dewine’s fundraising Dinner. Our group has it on video. 7. Bronson writes the half truth as told to him by Dirty Deters. Deters lied and told Bronson that he consented to let my beloved son out on parole if he “totally behaves.” Really? Mr. Deters was quoted on channel 12’s website as stating that he does not make plea bargains when it comes to crimes with a gun. So why then did Deters consent? Deters consented because CAJD grabbed him by the balls and questioned him about his dirty little secrets. Column vs. Article (you don’t have to go into details when writing a column, no article research needed). 8. Bronson says he admires Deters and his blunt honesty. Is it blunt honesty, or hateful reckless comments? 9. Bronson stopped using the apples to oranges comparison because he finally became aware that apples and oranges are both fruit. Duh! 10. Really this should be #1 in the top ten things that were whacked about Bronson’s column. His column slammed my son. No I don’t condone crime. I’ve said it a million times. However, no law can be considered fair and just unless it’s equally applied to ALL regardless of race. Signing off. Tired. Up early in the morning for church. Most people leaving the Dewine fundraiser commented that they read about our group earlier that day in the newspaper. Some people were nice and some were…well B's. I’ll blog and blog video on the Dewine dinner. Deters heard CAJD was in attendance and ducked out the kitchen door. Folks I don’t make this stuff up.
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Anonymous said...

FBK, I know there have been a lot of mean posters that make stupid comments on this blog, and I think that's wasteful, but some do have a point. Do you really have support for your comments? I mean real facts. I'm not talking about you playing in the gutter with rumors about Deters and his mother in law, I'm talking about the root of your arguement: that Deters prosecutes unequally. Do you have any hard evidence that Deters went easier on someone that committed a crime similar to your son? It seems to me that he is tough on all gun crimes--regardless of who is involved. It also seems to me that if your real goal is social change and not just a personal attack based upon your son's situation, you would have some facts or statistics. Most of the time you don't offer facts you just say something like, "trust me it's true"....I just think you lose some credibility, my two cents.....

FBK said...

Anonymous the information that is emailed to me has come from lawyers (granted one is no longer in practice). But the attorneys don’t seem to have a personal axe to grind with Deters. So it’s not as if it’s some Joe Blo off the street. Although there are plenty of credible Jo Blos off the street. CAJD believes Deters to be biased based on our research. It’s not scientific. We open up the newspaper or turn on the TV and form opinions based on Deters actions and our life experiences. What may seem unreasonable to a member of our group, may seem perfectly reasonable to someone else. No member of CAJD is a public official. We have no obligation to be fair. However, I personally care about our communities and society, and I’d rather be part of a solution than adding to a problem. People comment on this blog and some comments are so vulgar that I can’t post them. It hurts. I’ve said it a million times that my son committed a despicable act. He’s sorry. I’m sorry. Sorry may not be enough and that’s why he’s paying his debt to society. I’m hurting. One day my son is the apple of my eye and the next day he’s America’s worst nightmare. A young, black young man with a gun. I find healing in blogging. This blog is new. It will grow and evolve to a level in which I we will move beyond petiness. If you called me FBK than perhaps you know me. I’m not a hateful person. Nor am I a person that cannot admit when I’m wrong. I’m still in the early phase of my healing process. I’ve struck a nerve with some because as one attorney told me, “We throw black men, or they throw themselves away everyday and no parent seems to care.” Anon….I care. Also, please consider that there are a variety of blogs. Some are in the form of reporting (like Cinti Beacon), some are serious, serious, and some are fun, etc. In many ways this blog is positive. Because the anguish I feel could be channeled in a direction that would not be positive, etc. But I’m trying to heal and blogging helps. I’ve approached some sources to help me gather facts, etc. In the meantime some of my postings will call-it-as- I- see-it. Still I pray that God will grant me the serenity to be fair and not stoop to a level with those that I don’t see eye to eye with.

Thanks for your posting. Thanks for helping me see things differently. I certainly can work on improving. Ramblllllling as usual.

FBK said...

Also, soon we hope to work with a group of college students, that will produce the research to support our claims.

Jazzy A real Bitch said...

FBK are you going soft on me? WTF do actual statistics prove. Any body could manipulate some research to prove Deters is a racist f’king pig. But just open the newspaper on the daily on Deters. Everybody knows that Deters is a real piece of shit. He want us to play nice nice with his ass. But does he play nice nice with us? Hell no. We get the emails. We’ve read his bio. Read this shit.

Anonymous said...

I read the article in the Enquirer regarding the moonlighting prosecutor. I feel he did go a little off topic by attacking your efforts against Joe Deters. In the second half of his column he offers his weak attempt to call out Deters. Honestly, I think he used your story to help fill up his short calculated attack. I appreciate this blog for speaking truth to power. I also understand the meaning of ALLEGED, but apparently, some people don't. People can say what they want but at the end of the day you don't just talk the talk but you walk the walk. That is something even Joe Deters himeslf and everyone in his circle cannot deny. Keep up the good fight!

FBK said...

Thank you anon. You'll recall that Deters said that he didn't want his son to go into OTR because some parts reminded him of Jurraisic park. That's Joe comparing humans to animals. And remember when he said that some people are salvagable? comparing humans to car parts. And remember the comment when he said that he wishes he could put some in a cage and let them shoot themselves. Reckless comments that prosecutor should not make.

Anonymous said...

Your son is in jail because of you. You are all talk. You might have told him right from wrong but you sure enough didn't show him right from wrong. Just like your little blog therapy. You keep promising all these facts and figures proving your point, but so far, like your son, you are a big nothing. Put a name on one of these acusations. Just one. Until you do you're just another failed mother trying to blame the man for locking up a kid running around sticking a gun in somebody's face.
The biggest laugh is you getting up early to go to church. Make sure you read the commandment about bearing false witness. You think Mr. Deters punishments are harsh, wait until you see what the Lord has for you.

Anonymous said...

The half of the column in which he tossed my beloved son under the bus.

No, you're so wrong. Bronson didn't toss your kid under the bus. You tossed your kid into fast moving traffic.

Nor am I a person that cannot admit when I’m wrong.

You need to become an adult with a backbone. That's why you're kid is where he is & you're so mean & hateful because you can't admit your shortcomings. Rather than launch your evil attacks against Joe Deters, you need to take a good look in the mirror & start addressing your flaws. Just because you're "grown" doesn't mean you're an adult. You can't accept responsibility. "Grown" is a term used for weeds & other noxious vegetation in the Garden of Goodness.

However, no law can be considered fair and just unless it’s equally applied to ALL regardless of race.

It certainly was in your kid's case. He signed off on a real bargain! The Court dismissed 10 counts of Robbery with gun specifications! The Judge ran the sentences in both cases concurrent, not consecutive. Had the Prosecutor's Office wanted to racial hardball, your kid would have never, ever seen the light of day. There are innocent victims who will never enjoy life as they once knew it as a result of this mean, evil, hate-filled crime.

Once you wrap your hateful mind around this, Franki, perhaps you'll become a better person, a person with a backbone & one that can truly stand up to criminality without putting a race card over it. You've got hateful, unresolved items that you won't let go. Get some professional mental help.

Anonymous said...

Yes he's talking to you stupid!

FBK said...

Anon 1 and 2, thank you for your "sane" post. I don't agree with everything that you wrote, but you commented in a manner in which I had a moment to reflect and consider.

Jazzy, I love you but you're crazy! Still you speak truth to power. Calm down though, don't make me sick you on one of these whacks if I don't have too. They want us to produce the goods. We've got the goods, and there is a time for everything.

Love you girl. Keep that KFC recipe hidden. I'll let you know when.

Anonymous said...

Bronson is a complete ass - ignor him and the rest of the "haters".

FBK said...

Thanks anon--yes I'll shake the haters off. I'm just rereading Anon 10:41 am--their false claim. Wow, the hate that hate produced.

Anonymous said...

I'm just rereading Anon 10:41 am--their false claim. Wow, the hate that hate produced.

There's no false claims. It's too bad you can't get your brain around a reality check.

Hate? Yeah, you need to shake off the hatred, Franki. You claim you run the steps to your church, maybe you need to talk with the Pastor about "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Once you face the facts & truths associated with them, you might find a bit of self-redemption. But as it is now, you have so much vile hatred for white people, people of position, the laws of the state, & Joe Deters. You created the mess, but it's easier for you to blame Deters.

How you can look at yourself in the mirror each day & go to church with a false sense of cleanliness in mind, body & spirit is beyond me. I suppose you're at the point where you cannot separate blistering hatred for serene goodness. May God forgive you & have mercy on you. You're absolutely pathetic.

Anon 10:41AM

FBK said...

Don't claim to run to my church. Nope.

Don't hate white people, nope. I hate Deters actions.

"You're absolutely pathetic" Nope. Not even. More loved than hated, that's for sure.