Monday, February 23, 2009

Joe Deters and his Boy!

Watch out Joe. You just might get politically crushed!
Joe Deters and his Boy! Make no mistake about it Joe Deters and Jim Schfrin are friends. Good friends. In July of 2007 I faxed a letter to Joe Deters in which I questioned his prosecutorial integrity, when he did not charge Helen Hirsch after she vandalized 17 cars to the tune of 40,000 and stalked St. X fans.
The Whistleblower wrote about my fax in his tip sheet. Who tipped him off about the fax? In February 2009 Cincinnati Magazine wrote a story about my son. The Whistleblower wrote about the story before it came out? Who tipped the Whistleblower off?
During the NAACP convention in the summer of 2008, two reporters from the Cincinnati Beacon (respectable online website) confronted Joe Deters. They asked him about his relationship with the Whistleblower. Deters stated that it was his personal business. It’s not.
Joe Deters, the chief legal representative of Hamilton County. Jim Schifrin (Whistleblower author) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends. In January 2009, the Whistleblower bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about President Obama. In February 2009, the Whistleblower published a limerick welcoming the death of President Obama.
Jim and Joe are boys--homeboys, best buddies, GOP pals, BFF, Re-thug-licans.
Say it ain't so Joe.
Joe Deters has been the most dangerous Hamilton county Prosecutor we’ve had probably in Cincinnati's History.
Thanks Joe (Biden).