Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deters and Schifrin Bad Superbowl Skit

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, and his best pal Jim Schifrin, publisher of the racist online rag sheet sit on a run-down, bed bug infested sofa. They watch a football game on TV. Schifrin gobbles down snacks. Joe tosses back cold ones. Joe - C’mon Schif baby, tell me another racist/sexist joke. Schifrin stuffs two handfuls of potato chips in his mouth as he spits out a joke, some saliva, and some broken potato chips Schifrin - What’s the difference between Jay walking Joe Deters and thousands of convicted criminals who have been sent to prison? Joe, shit-faced and drunk, ponders this. Joe - I dunno. Schifrin - You’ve never been caught. Joe frowns. Schifrin takes the pig-in-blanket out of his mouth. He tells another tasteless joke. Schifrin - What’s the difference between Mike Allen and Joe Deters? Joe shit-faced wears a dumb expression. Schifrin - Allen’s girl was a free. Joe paid an escort service for his girl. Joe spits beer from his mouth as he falls to the floor in laughter. Schifrin smiles. He is impressed that another one of his tasteless jokes has pleased his pal.


Anonymous said...

Racist Joe is at it again:

FBK said...

Deters comments in this story reflects that he is working with a decent PR person. No reckless comment on this story.

CAJD and the some in the community are monitoring this story closely.

Anonymous said...

CAJD and the some in the community are monitoring this story closely.

I, for one, will be watching this site & others for comment. It's widely known that you & plenty of people had opinions on the women who baked their kids in cars.

According to the media reports, other children present begged the 11 year old to put down the gun, but he persisted in firing it.

Yes indeedy. Monitor this story closely & then give us more of your Racist Joe hatred.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it, Joe prosecutes a black man--he's racist, but he decides not to bring charges and it's a "decent PR person" that's responsible. This blog's agenda is laughable. Just because your son commmited a crime--and a horrible one at that--you create an unabashedly biased blog that spews unsupported libel--to somehow make Joe Deters responsible for your son's crimes. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Did you ever think that you screwed up with the way you raised your son--for him to think it's right to rob a bank (or two) with a loaded weapon. Are you serious with this? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...


We agree FBK's son committed a horrible crime for which he is being punished.

Still CAJD will not stand for Deters dishing out double-standard justices. Especially since there is plenty of evidence that supports the claim that Deters is a crooked SOB.

We are thankful for our blog and the support that we receive from the community. Nobody has ever told us that they condone crime. But all seem to support fair sentencing and a Prosecutor that keeps their his when they make a back door deal.

We get contacted via email each day with people that have complaints against Joe Deters. Go figure.