Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday the 13th Protest

(The weird picture above is a John McCain mask worn by a CAJD protestor at our Halloween Protest--pix is not of protest)
Friday the 13th Protest Keep your friends close and your political enemies closer. CAJD upcoming protest
What: Joe must Go Protest! Where: Duke Energy Center (Downtown Cincinnati) When: 6-10 pm Why: Good question. Why won’t Joe Deters, the chief legal representative of Hamilton County, who Jim Schifrin (of the racist low rate tip sheet the Whistleblower) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends, and who recently bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about President Obama--Why won’t Deters repudiate Schifrin. We’ll ask him that. This time the camera will be rolling. Joe might not show, but other GOP folks will show, and we will ask them, on camera, if they’ll repudiate Schifrin.
Why Protest: Good questions. See answer below.
Protest events increase the visibility of the Joe-Must-Go cause.Policy debates can be abstract, and even seem irrelevant to the people who are not most directly affected by them. Protest events put warm bodies and heavy feet out there representing an issue, taking up real space and real time, attaching the cause to real faces and real voices who care enough about the cause to go out there, if only for a short time, and be ambassadors for it.So the media notices when a protest event happens. Bystanders notice when a protest event happens. Politicians notice when a protest event happens. And if the protest is staged well, it will invariably make somebody look at the cause with new eyes. Protest events are not persuasive in and of themselves, but they invite persuasion. They invite change


Anonymous said...

I hope you've secured your permit from the City of Cincinnati for this racist event. I've been told the Secret Service & US Attorney's office will have people on hand, as well as the Cincy Po-Po.

FBK said...

CAJD always operates within the law!
CAJD repudiates racism and any other "isms" that are not positive.

Troops Ready?!

Anonymous said...

How can you make the protest FBK? Isn't that visit your bank robbing son night at the state penn?

Anonymous said...

Ok,let me wrap my brain around this geniuses are holding a protest Joe Deters because of the fact that some fat idiot that runs an internet newsletter (that no one reads) said that they shared racists jokes about the president over lunch, with out any credible evidence that this happened...and this is a worthy cause? Black on black violence, drug abuse killing the poor, people dying hungry... and you are going to spend your time and energy protesting a conversation that in all likelihood never happened? You are absolutely, certifiably insane...and if your wondering why I read this blog, I think it's probably because I gain a certain amount of enjoyment from listening to stupid people say really stupid things.

Jazzy said...

Let me understand this correctly, when the GOP bankers steal trillions of dollars causing families to lose their life savings and some to blow their brains out, I don’t say why don’t you, white man, go deal with that problem. You are white so that’s your problem. So what gives you to say, go ye black man and focus on black crime. CAJD has another forum that addresses issues in our communities.

You are incorrect in what you outline as the purpose of our protest. Sooooooo very incorrect.

Anonymous said...

when the GOP bankers steal trillions of dollars

Yeah Jazzy. Everyone knows about that. And everyone knows how 2 punk kids robbed banks at gunpoint. Innocent people, just doing their jobs, will never have the life they once knew.

Anon 4:23 has a valid point. I only look at this hate-filled drivel just to see how the other side of humanity really think & act.

CAJD repudiates racism and any other "isms" that are not positive.

Franki, you need to practice what you preach, er, protest. You should wise up & ashcan Jazzy. That individual has a racist, hatred bent.

You are white so that’s your problem.

Honestly Franki & Jazzy, I find the 2 of you so amusing. Ah, my daily laugh about hatred.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that the "GOP Bankers" you are talking about were bolstered by the fact that liberal policies to encourage landing to poor and minorities took fannie and freddie into the tank and our economy with it. Take off your rose colored glassed and find some facts...oh, I forgot, those get in the way of this deep thinking blog....PS-- Next Friday night I'm protesting the fact that I heard FBK's mailman might have seen her eating a peanut butter sandwich in the face of the me it's a worthy cause, and i assure you, I have credible sources that say this really happened. But I won't reveal them because they don't exist...

FBK said...

Liberal policies were put in place to ensure thaT WE Americans, including you Anon, don't have to eat tainted peanut butter, etc, etc.

Liberal is not a bad word. On the other hand consider this, the most harmful and conservative statement ever made, "I don't care if they can split the atom..."

I WON'T take any other factors into consideration.

Anonymous said...

or any facts for that matter...classic rebuttal: can't win the argument, change the me a quick favor, change this blog's name to "ignorance is bliss", it's more appropriate.

FBK said...

"Ignorance is bliss", great title for next blog posting.