Sunday, December 7, 2014

10 Actionable Steps to help Judge Tracie Hunter (Take her off the cross)

1. If you are a member of the Cincinnati NAACP vote to Support Richardson, Mallory and Taylor team.  Take the personalities out of it and vote for a team that has pledged to return the local NAACP back to its civil rights roots and support Hunter.   You can vote next Saturday December 13 at Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist church.  3655 Harvey Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 .

2. Put polite pressure on  Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network and MSNBC TV show host to have Hunter on his show.   Bishop Bobby Hilton and the local chapter are doing an outstanding job with the GCCNAN chapter and should pull together to make a TV (not radio) appearance happen.

3. Light up social media with the hashtag #justicefortraciehunter

4.  Keep up sustained indignation.  Don’t rest until Hunter gets justice.

5.  Join the chorus in calling for criminal justice reform (over policing, over prosecution, lack of transparency in the grand jury process)

6. Challenge the media for fairer reporting.  They show the rage, but not the pain.  People are in a great deal of pain over what’s happening in the criminal just-us system.

7.  Boycott the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Don’t buy it, cancel your subscriptions, don’t share articles.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Period.

8. Donate to Hunter’s campaign

PLEASE Forward ALL Donations To:
Judge Tracie Hunter Legal Defense Fund

c/o: Jennifer Branch, Trustee
Attorney at Law
432 Walnut Street #400
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(Mail donations above )
8. Show up to Bishop Hilton’s meeting on Tuesday (12/9  at 9am)  to strategize on how to move forward and help Hunter.
693 Fresno Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240
(513) 851-9673

9.  Educate one other person on this case and challenge them to get involved.

10.  Do at least one thing from this list.  No excuses.

(You can put a few dollars or a few hundred dollars  in an envelope and mail it to Hunter's defense fund.   You can boycott the Enquirer.  You can call the TV stations (like you call the Buzz) and challenge them for fairer reporting.  You can let you voice be heard on social media and call for criminal just-US reform. )

(this post was put together pretty quickly...excuse any errors)