Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prosecutor Deters son attacked (Jonathon Deters)

Jonathon Deters attacked.
A women posted on the WlWT – News story this comment
Ahh if children pay for the sins of the father this boy has a long way to go still.

Moving past the comment Jonathan Deters and his girlfriend Allison Crable were assaulted after the Taste of Cincinnati - as  they we leaving a graduation party at a law firm.

Here's what Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters  said of the young  men who have been indicted for attacking his son and face spending over a decade in prison, "I hope they get all of it, they are just a bunch of trash."

Calling black men trash is a step down for Deters who usually refers to black men as animals.

Shortly after the attack Deters went on 700 WLW radio to rant about how he wants the special prosecutor, Daniel J. "Woody" Breyer (who was assigned the case by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine) to throw the book at the alleged attackers. 

The Hate that Hate produced also known as the young men who are accused of attacking Deters' son are Yahdea Brown, Joshua McCoy, Onea Lapsley and Matthew Johnson.  

The Cincinnati Enquirer (a newspaper that is NEVER fair to people of color)  who usually sues to get the names of black juveniles released to the public, has yet to name the 17 year old who is also accused of attacking Deters Jr.

Although it's quite possible that those young men accused in the attack are acting out the hate that America shows them in the courtroom and in their daily lives - it was uncool to attack Deters' son and they should be held unaccountable.

(I think it was Jesse Jackson Sr. who said an eye for an eye makes a disfigured face...thus we can't operate on with angry revenge mentality)

Don’t wish the attack on anyone’s kid
That’s NOT COOL.
I can relate.

Prayers going up!

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Anonymous said...

Deters son and girlfriend were not the only white folks that were attacked by this group of thugs.Cincinnati should be proud of itself. Where are the black leaders? You could not find them with a search warrant. Really, who are the black leaders in Cincinnati?

Anonymous said...

Where are the White Leaders? Whose going to stop the heroin addicts?

CAJD said...
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CAJD said...

Where are the white leaders? It takes a team.

Where are the black leaders?

Anonymous said...

This is a really good blog. This issue with deters is that he has discretion in deciding who is prosecuted and ultimately subjected to capital punishment, which results in disproportionate punishments for same or identical crimes. Discretion that is not checked becomes unbridled and results in personal judgments or feelings taking the place of justice. the only way to end this is to demand legislation setting forth specific, universal language describing who is eligible for capital punishment and who is eligible for prosecution of crimes alleged to have been committed. The Supreme Court of Ohio's Task Force which reviewed Ohio's Death Penalty and offered up somewhere near 70 recommendations FAILED to reign in the discretion prosecutors have when deciding who is punished and who is not. Until they are checked we will have persecutors discriminating base on race, personal beliefs, feelings, etc., etc., etc. That is NOT how justice works. That's how a dictatorship operates and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out at all.
Christopher Knecht

CAJD said...

Thank you and well said Christopher Knecht.
If you haven't already read Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and I'm very familiar with Ms. Alexander and her pursuit to identify the new slaves of appears as if the white powers found a new method of holding my brothers and sisters as slaves under the auspices of being 'criminals,' and toss in us poor white folk to make it appear as if they are only concerned with crime. The Fourteenth Amendment clearly states that slavery IS permissible upon being found guilty of a crime. Some think that means imprisonment but it means being a second class citizen for life even after the individual is free of all judicial supervision. Or another word would be slavery. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Christopher Knecht