Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sounding the alarm on the Tracie Hunter Case (URGENT)


Volunteers are needed this week to watch the process of ballots being moved by the BOE between 8:30-4pm. Please contact Atty Tracie Hunter for Judge by at 513-621-6999 or email acorbin@traciehunterforjudge.c​om, if you wish to volunteer your time. Thank You in Advance for your assistance.


Today Bishop Bobby Hilton sounded the alarm (gave an update) on the Tracie Hunter case. Hilton’s radio show, The Forum, airs Sundays on WDBZ on 1230 am the Buzz from 3:30 to 5pm

The trial begins July 18. Please join and  check Tracie Hunter for Judge facebook page for updates.


Anonymous said...

I voted three times for Ms Hunter. I hope they count them all

Anonymous said...

It's shameful that some people want to win (cheat) at any cost. Ms. Hunter has won the race. Great message you'll are sending to our children - win at any cost.