Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run Mike Allen....run! (Two re-post) Cincy Council race

                                                POST FROM NOV 2008
Mike Allen vs. Joe Deters The Tale of two PROSTITUTE-ERS

MIKE ALLEN VS. JOE DETERS Excuse me Prosecutors. Truth is Mike Allen the Prosecutor was before my time. That is to say that he was actually a Prosecutor, when I paid little if any attention to the office of the Hamilton County Prosecutor. It was simple as for as I was concerned. Anyone who broke the law, went to jail, me included. Yeah really, like me included. Still, then like now, I believe that all who break the law deserve to be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice. I believe some people are criminals and some people are just people who have committed a crime/s. Former Prosecutor Mike Allen sex escapade wasn’t against the law. Was it? Morally wrong, of course. Nasty. Yep. Still, Mike Allen paid for what he did and he moved on. He was able to move on. He also apologized to Christopher Smitherman for calling him a smart mouth little punk. Wrong or right, should he have said it, should he have not said it is debatable, but it takes one hell of a man to apologize to one hell of a SmitherMAN. Now let’s look at Joe Deters. Joe-the-Prosecutor. Joe-the-Pay to Play Politician. Joe-the-Pay-for- Sex Politician. Allegedly. Joe has yet to be brought to justice for his crimes of moral turpitude. His pals up in Columbus went to jail. His predecessor resigned for doing the nasty on tax-payers dollars. Now, Joe Deters wasn’t doing the nasty while he was on the job. That’s not to say he wasn’t on the clock. Or getting the clock sucked on the clock. But he wasn’t at work when he did the nasty. He was in a car. In Cleveland. Allegedly. Whose worst? Joe or Mike? My Pastor always says, “For sure your sins will find you out.” Be sure your sins will find you out. And yes some of you (not me) have sinned, and did the nasty, and had sex-- in places, with people, and objects, and maybe animals, that perhaps you shouldn’t have. And some of us have committed crimes for which we’ve never been punished. I once had an attorney tell me that while in college he committed a couple of felonies in which he was never caught. Bastard. So, yes, while we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of our parents, our communities, our kids, and fallen short of the glory of Obama. The thing is though…we aren’t the gate keeper at the gate of justice, or injustice. We don’t have the keys. We can’t let you in or out. Who is worst Mike or Joe? Maybe neither. Maybe they are equal. My vote goes to Joe. (you may only get this blog post if you live in the Nasty Nati)
                          POST FROM APRIL 2009

I saw former Prosecutor Mike Allen today. I saw him at the United Dairy Farmers in Batavia. April 9, 9 am (ish). I shouted Mike Allen. He smiled warmly and said hello. He looked good. Nice suit. Hair trimmed and combed neatly. Dapper. CAJD likes Mike Allen. At least we like him way more than Joe Deeters. Allen made a mistake when he was the Prosecutor. But at least he confessed to his hump. Cincinnatian’s forgave him for his hump. Allen made a few reckless comments in his hey day or hump days. But he learned from his mistakes. He’s apologized to some and he moved on. He’s an attorney in that building. In the, building with the attorney’s-- some of whom dislike Doe Deters. The attorneys in that building know Deters dirty secrets. They know who Deeters’ humps. They know that Deeters is a bully and that he reads that book--The Art of War.

Deeters they know what you did last night.

Detters be sure your sins will find you out.