Friday, September 10, 2010

Part-time Prosecutor jumps the gun on Burton case and Vigil for Jeremy

Sloppy and sad. Mrs. Burton is not even cold in her grave and Deters has already closed the book on her case.  But  the OSP says not so fast.

The family of Jeremy Hibbett will hold a vigil on Saturday September 11th at 7pm.  The location is at the corner of Mitchell and Vine.  Here' s Hibbett's story.

At this blog we have received a good amount of information on  this case.  We will attend the vigil. We don't stand in judgment of any parties involved with this case.  But we do care that a young black male lost his life, and that a family and children are hurting.  Thus, we will show our support at the vigil.

CAJD is painfully aware that young black men's lives mean nothing to Joe Deters. We believe it is the reason that Deters failed to request a full investigation in this case. Again, we don't know all the facts. So well will reserve commenting about the specifics of the case.

 But we grieve for the young man's family, without standing in judgement of any person.

A great quote from one of our emails, "forgiveness is not for the ones who caused you pain, but for yourself."

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