Monday, September 20, 2010

Kathy Harrell on Ware's radio show, "Chief Tom Streicher is playing Nicey-Nice with bikers."

A big thanks to Kathy Harrell, who this blog has been tough on, for being a stand up president of the police union. The cops shooting by the biker is a very serious situation.  The local media appear to be downplaying this serious matter because the cops are black.  The black community is outraged that Prosecutor Deters and Cheif Streicher is playing nicey-nice when two men in blue almost died.  This blog will follow this story and give you information that the local media will not.  Thanks to those of you who have contacted us with your feedback.

On another note
We printed this fictitious story below  (based on a true story that happened Saturday in Cincinnati) to emphasize how people of color are demonized in Cincinnati and across this country. Day in and day out people of color are portrayed as the bad guy. Everyday they have a story in the news about a black mother neglecting her child, or a black male doing something awful. Yet, it does not appear that the persecutor, the newspaper or that radio host (Joe's boy) demonize other people. We must stand up in Cincinnati. We must not allow smear campaigns to be run against people of color. Thank you to all that contacted us. Continue to submit ideas about CAJD's Halloween protestSince Deters wants to make a fool out of our people, we will make a fool out of him. We want our protest to go viral, and to make the national news. This protest will be Better, Bigger, Bolder. Joe must Go!

The Enqui-liar seems to have gotten the message. Pretty sure it will be short lived though. Thanks to all of you that continue to put pressure on that paper, that allows filthy and hateful comments to post, to write better stories about people of color.  We are NOT the boogy man.    We to want the American Dream for our families.

Finally, thanks for having your lawyer, or a lawyer call me up. And what's up with this?  I can't be stopped.  Really, put a gun to my face?

***Breaking News***  ***Fictitious story***

Two black police officers shot at JD's Honky Tonk and Emporium on Saturday by members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang have been released from the hospital. Cincinnati police said the black officers were immediately taken into custody because a biker gang member was killed by one of the black officers. Both officers have been fired and no investigation is needed.

The attorney for the Iron Horsemen biker gang along with Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher, appeared on hate radio host WLW’s Bill Cunningham’s show, to frame the argument that members of the Iron Horsemen are good citizens, despite various members having lengthy criminal records that include trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine, and murder.
The above criminal records link has been removed by Enqui-liar paper. But that's OK we printed the story and will scan it soon.  In the meantime here's the cleaned up version from the Enqui-liar.

Streicher and the attorney told Cunningham that it’s OK to assume that the dead man feared for his life when he saw uniform officers, and two black undercover officers, displaying their badges, enter the bar. Calls to the dead man, whose name has not been released pending notification to his family, were not returned.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters canceled a planned trip to Cleveland to purchase oral copulation, to call a press conference whereby he announced that he would seek the death penalty for black officers that shot the gang member.

We will update this story.

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As I said before, DETER"S MUST GO!!!! MUST!