Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The middle finger to Jimi Izrael - The Denzel Principle

The middle finger to Jimi Izrael - The Denzel Principle Why Black Women Can't find Good Black men.

This blog is usually reserved for the vile whoremonger persecutor. However, occasionally someone comes along, and does something so vile, that I have to write a post about them.

The talented Jimi Izrael.  Listen to this hate.

Game recognize Game Jimi Izrael. I'm well aware that in writing this post I'm doing exactly what you want me to do-- go frontdoor myself.

Jimi Izrael has got a bunch of kids that he may, or may not be taking care of, and he needs to sell some books to support his family. I ain't mad at you Jimi. Take care of them black babies, so they don't end up in the Joe Deters just-us system.

What angers me about your book, the excerpt that I've read from it, and your recent interviews on the book--is that you perpetuate stereotypes and paint a negative picture of black women? Who the front door do you think is going to let you back door them after reading your book. Brotha, please.

I will buy your book, and help you pay that child support, but show some love, my brother. By the way, WTF is Ejaculation Negotiation?

email Jimi and make him apologize.
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Anonymous said...

How did that whole "get jimi izrael to apologize" thing go?