Saturday, February 20, 2010

Freedom ain't cheap!

When I get off work on Saturday's I'm usually too tired to do anything except plop down on my sofa and tune in to my brother's radio show. Today I was checking out the show and I heard my brother state that he was willing to die for a cause, a cause that he truly believes in, such as helping African-Americans obtain contracts to build CPS schools. My brother stated that he was willing to die so that African-Americans can work in this town. When I heard him state that, suddenly I wasn't tired anymore. All of a sudden I had enough energy to cheer at the sound coming from my internet stream from the radio station. "Go head brother, stand for something or fall for anything." That's the chant I had going until an older gentleman called the station, and stopped me in my tracks. The older gentleman told my brother that black folk, or any folk, should not have to die in 2010. That statement got me to thinkin'--do black folk really have to be willing to die to get justice-work opportunities in Cincinnati- in 2010? Wow!

Should black folk be willing to die to get a fair piece of the American pie? You tell me?

(too tired to edddddddittt)