Monday, January 4, 2016

Alan Triggs is running for Hamilton County Prosecutor (Is Joe Deters scared???)

Forgive me Dear Readers in advance, for this shall be a raunchy post.  Since, I promised to blog more responsibly last year I’ve been doing pretty well over at DrewMar blog, But every now and then I relapse.

Word spread like wildfire on Facebook that attorney Alan Triggs would run against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.  People started popping more bubbly (Facebook likes) than they did on New Year’s Day.
Black people scared “Tim Burke liberals”, and even a good number of Republicans scaredy cats hate Joe Deters, but just not to his face.
 For myself, it’s been a personal hatred for more years than I care to admit.  In fact, I’ve been the go-to girl for every Black or White person, who hates Joe Deters.   
But last year, I let it go.  I made peace with Joe Deters thanks to the help of a Republican.  A Republican, who has since been punked out by Joe Deters into not running for Hamilton County Commissioners, but I’m not going to go there in this post.
Who is Alan Triggs?
I wanted to know more about this Black Republican from Anderson Township which the Republicans kicked in the nuts (Geez what's up with HCRP dissing their Black members? No tent this year?)
From all the well wishes he’s getting on Facebook, I would say he is a well-liked a respected attorney who was just recruited to run earlier today after attorney Liz Tye dropped at the last minute and asked him to be here replacement.
I wonder how that conversation went.
Alan - Hello?
Liz - Hey Alan this Liz. 

Alan – Rogers?
Liz – Nah, Tye.  Liz Tye.
Alan – Hey babe, what’s up?
Liz – Nuthin.  Listen, I ain’t gone run against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, why don’t you do it?
Alan – Let me think about it.
Liz -  You only need 50 write – in votes to appear on the general election ballot in March.
Alan – Forreal?   Dayum, OK, I’ll do it.
Liz – Thanks, babe.

 What kind of shiggity?  OK, I’m going to be positive.  I did some additional snooping around to learn more about Alan Triggs and here’s what I found out. 
He graduated from Walnut Hills high school.  

He received his BA and law degree from Memphis State. He’s a civil litigation lawyer who practices a lot of other areas of law. 

He is licensed to practice in a bunch of other states (which is great news in case the Republican machine Steam Team steam rolls him like some speculate the Steelers are going to do to the Bengals on Saturday. 
Ouch, I know that hurts.  I’m a Bengal fan FYI.
Alan is a former City of Cincinnati Prosecutor (why are all Black lawyers former COC prosecutors) and a former Magistrate Judge.
In seriousness, I wish Alan well. I’m even going to send in a donation.  Why don’t you?  Of course, you could all sit back and let Prosecutors Deters (bad words removed) all over you. 


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