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County Prosecutor And County Judge Steered $1 Million To Prosecutor's Divorce Firm

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Subject: County Prosecutor And County Judge Steered $1 Million To Prosecutor's Divorce Firm. Request For Special Prosecutor

To the Judges of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court of Ohio:

I'm writing to notify you of potential federal and state criminal violations by Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Theodore Deters and your colleague Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Beth Ann Myers, and to respectfully ask you to immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and bring criminal charges if warranted. [I have three recommendations: 1) former Prosecuting Attorney and Magistrate Alan Curtis Triggs, 2) Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Lee Parker (the U.S. Attorney General would have to approve loaning Mr. Parker to Hamilton County), 3) Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ronald Joseph O'Brien.]

On or about November 22, 2013, Deters' wife sued him for divorce. Deters hired Gregory Louis Adams to represent him.

According to the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Services, Adams is Vice President of Croswell & Adams Company, LPA. Adams' business partner is Robert Scott Croswell III. Croswell & Adams first filed articles of incorporation with the Ohio Secretary of State in 1979.

Over the years, Deters has done business with his business associates at Croswell & Adams many times. 

On or about September 17, 2013, Judge Beth Myers signed an Entry Appointing Special Prosecutors. Judge Myers appointed Croswell and another guy to serve as special prosecutors. According to the Entry, Judge Myers made the appointment "upon the request of the Prosecuting Attorney of Hamilton County, Ohio" and after she was "fully advised in the premises". (A copy of the Entry has been scanned and uploaded to A link is provided below. The case number is M-1300003.)

On or about June 3, 2014, The Cincinnati Enquirer published a news story that read, in pertinent part: "Deters' divorce lawyer is Greg Adams, Deters said, and although Adams and Croswell share office space the have no joint financial interest. Their names are on the same shingle but they aren't business or law partners, Deters said."

On or about October 15, 2014, Hamilton County Administrator Christian Sigman presented Resolution No. P079-14 to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. The resolution authorized paying Croswell & Adam $500,000. Deters is the  legal advisor to the Commission. Deters, or someone authorized and employed by him, reviewed the resolution and deemed it legal. All three Commissioners voted to approve the resolution.

Deters authorized, or employed the authority or influence of his office to secure authorization of a public contract to Croswell & Adams. In response to the request made by Deters, Judge Beth Myers used her office to give a no-bid contract to Croswell & Adams. Deters has a long and extensive business relationship with Croswell & Adams. Deters, Croswell, and Adams are all business associates. As legal counsel to the Commission, Deters approved paying Croswell & Adams $500,000.00 while the firm was serving as his divorce counsel.

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Your In The Struggle,

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.

Link to Judge Myers' Entry Appointing Special Prosecutors

Link to County Commission Resolution


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