Saturday, July 18, 2015

Let's talk about Justice Reform and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters

Hello Faithful Readers - who still jump on this blog daily and read the over 500 posts

These days CAJD is mostly blogging over at DREWMAR.ORG  regarding criminal just-us issues in Cincinnati and around the world.

Last week  Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters angered Cincinnatians  when he publicly convicted the alleged perpetrators of the 4th of July attack on Fountain Square.

 (Remember the case of the black teens accused of beating a white male who yelled racial epithets at them, because he believed they'd stolen his cell phone).

In doing so Prosecutor Deters convicted the accused in the court of public opinion by referring to them as soulless and unsalvageable. Such harsh talk is a move from the old Republican playbook.  New Republicans want to talk about things I blog about at the drewmar site.

Tune in to here FBK and T.Nicole discuss this and other hot topics on the radio today  (Sat, July 18 at 11 am).

FBK in an unapologetic black blogger, and #justicerform activist  who hates editing.