Sunday, July 26, 2015

Samuel Dubose and Prosecutor Joe Deters


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UPDATE:  University of Cincinnati cop, Ray Tensing, indicted for murder in the death of an unarmed Samuel Dubose during what started out as routine traffic stop on July 19th.  We will give complete update and commentary later today.

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Like many we are deeply concerned about the lack of transparency in the Samuel Dubose and Sandra Bland cases.  

We stand with the Dubose and the circles of the Cincinnati community which have called for the release of the video in order to bring forth transparency and healing to the family and the citizens of Cincinnati. 

UPDATE:  We have learned that the Dubose family has hired Attorney Mark . O'Mara. (The attorney whose claim to fame is that he got the killer of Trayvon Martin off.  Yeah, that guy, Geroge Zimmerman.)

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