Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Justice For All....HUH!

It’s a lovely Sunday in Cincinnati. It really is. And through our bedroom window, we can hear the birds chirping. If we didn’t know any better, but we most certainly do, that despite the view from our window of the big tree with the leaves that are turning, and the sweet melody of the birds chirping– we would think Cincinnati was absolutely perfect.

It’s not the Reverend Doc Foster refers to Cincinnati as,  the Northern capital of the racist south.” And I really hope that we bloggers havent   screwed up the good Reverend’s quote.

And I know some of you really decent Black &White  men, have wrote to this blog and asked that we use better language, stop the cursing, yeah well we’re kinda working on it. We replaced the word "fucked" with "screwed."

But Cincinnati is really racist. How racist is it? Cincinnati is so racist that there has to be a fucking summit on racism to tell us that Cincinnati is racist.

Quite sure the organizers wouldn’t appreciate this blog defining its event, they might call it something else Something else, like well – Justice for All.

But this blog we will call a duck a duck.

The organizers (diverse group of clergy), of this event were interviewed on the Bishop Bobby Hilton radio show which airs on WDBZ the Buzz. Us Bloggers, we are familiar with many of them,  and they are good men.

When one of the clergy was asked why have this summit, why got involved? He responded with a quote from Amos 5:24 But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Uh, yeah, this is Cincinnati. The Northern capital of Joe Deters. Check the flyer; it’s going to be a great event. Don’t let this blog post upset you. Feeling a little blue.

And Justice for All……