Saturday, September 17, 2011

Council candidate Jason Riveiro likes black people.

Hey - Looky here at this article on Cincinnati Council hopeful Jason Riveiro.

We will post articles on all 23 Council Incumbents/hopefuls.

Next article Council hopeful Jacqueline Allen and Mike Allen - "The freaks come out at night." Actually Allen is  liked at this blog.  We won't write a disrecptful piece about him.

Qualls - Your booty ain't big enough to land you back on Council.
Lippert - that's what Smitherman is for.
Young - Least popular black man - yes he can.
PG - that's what Bortz is for

We have a lot of fun on this blog, and we're serious too. But we will strive to write objective post on each candidate. So don't worry candidates. Most of you are safe.