Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Race' Lincoln Ware, Michele Bachmann's after party

We all know that sex sells. But does race also sell?   Apparently it does.  Is it CAJD, or has anybody else noticed the hot "racey" topics on Lincoln Ware's show?

As much as Lincoln claims he does not play the race card, and while it may be somewhat true, that more often than not, that he leaves the 'race' deck at home, he will pimp the race card every now and than.

How can he not?  We live in a fking racist city.  A good amount of ppl in America and Hamilton County are racist, including  the black ppl's persecutor--Joe "death penalty" Deters.

In the age of Obama and ObamacareS, race is all the rage.

America unscrambled.   I am race.