Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tip of the Day!

Hi Blog Readers.

Faithful readers, we are sorry  that we have not posted in a week or two. Life comes at you fast. Really fast. If ever CAJD’s goes a couple of days without posting (and that doesn’t happen to often), please search this blog, as there are 400 plus post.

In the upcoming weeks we will focus on Cincinnati City Council elections. Politics and Politricks (Joe Deters). As always, keep your tips coming. We find them helpful.

Tip of the Day: Do NOT, repeat DO NOT talk politics or religion at work, school, etc. or with just anybody. There have been too many wars and too much blood shed between people that have different beliefs. It’s OK that we don’t all think alike, but because many of us must work or play together - we must be smart enough to know when to say NOTHING.

Zipped lips don’t sink ships.