Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you Community!

The protest is over and I feel like I have passed a kidney stone. CAJD's is  going to take a break until after the holidays.  We'll still post stuff on this blog, but  we'll  post info to help make our communities stronger.

 The last time we protested against Deters was in 2008.

A big thank you to the families that came out and shared their stories of injustice.  In sharing our story we continue on our journey to healing. 

My heart truly bleeds for one family that lost their son, brother, father, friend.  My son is incarcerated, but their loved one is dead.

Also, my heart bleeds for one mother who has fought tirelessly for her incarcerated daughter. 

A big thank you to TNT.  What a women-sister, friend, cousin.  Love you dear.

A big thank you to Lincoln Ware of 1230 am the Buzz. He let us on his show and allowed our voices be heard. 

Thanks to Nathan Ive of 1230 am the Buzz,  and the Wiz for reaching out to the families. I hope that he will share their stories on his program/s soon.

CAJDs has a petition that we are circulating to put term limits on  the prosecutor's positon. If you'd like to sign it, please contact us via this blog.