Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part time prosecutor rears his ugly head to make deal in Lockland teens arrest case

CAJD's understands Deters making the tough decision to recommend that the charges against the Lockland teens be reduced. It seems clear that if all the teens involved in the illegal prank were persons of color, Deters would NOT have agreed to reduce the charges. And if Deters does not stick to his back door deal—don’t be surprised blog readers because it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s plausible that Deters made the back door deal because when the details of his arrest for soliciting a hooker in a car in Cleveland becomes public, Deters is going to want the public to offer up compassion. Who else finds it ironic that the part time prosecutor only rears his prosecutorial head on headline cases. Then, possibly, he sneaks back with tail between legs to the cushy law offices of Chesley or Heekin & Heekin for a little R&R. Or in Heekin’s case a little coke??????

WTF can Joe Deters say regarding this issue?  Let me guess. Because there are black and white students involved Deters can't play the race card. Or can he?  He'll have sympathy for the whites, persecution for the blacks. If you are a regular reader of  this blog you cannot deny that I believe in punishment across the board. However, I do not believe in favortism.  It appears Deters favors white people.  CAJD's believes in fair and equal treatment and punishment for all people.

Deters after your press conference, turn to black radio,  Lincoln Ware 1230 am the Buzz.  Listen to what the black community thinks about double standard prosecution.


Anonymous said...

Well, he pretty much stuck it in your ear, didn't he?

FBK said...

My ear. The hooker's mouth?