Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrities blacks liked until they dissed Obama

(No, every post does ot revolve around Deters)

Celebrities that diss Obama, often get dissed by black people. We stop tuning in to whatever media outlet or TV show they appear on (damn, I’m gonna miss the Apprentice) We no longer purchase products associated with the celebrity Obama hater. It’s not that we believe that Obama is above reproach or should not be constructively criticized, we just don’t like those that appear to dislike Obama solely because of his race.

Here’s a list of the top offenders.

“The Donald” Trump. Blacks liked “the Donald” even before his hit TV show, The Apprentice. Many of us liked the way “the Donald” made money. We liked the way “the Donald” hustled himself from bad credit to good credit and saved his real estate empire. But lately we cannot tolerate “the Donald” because he has gone overboard with his hatred of Obama. Did Trump question what type of student George Bush was? Did he question if McCain or Bush was born in the USA? Blacks have given “the Donald” a national and local radio beat down. On the Lincoln Ware radio show which airs in Cincinnati, callers are showing Trump the same amount of lack of respect that he’s showing our President. It ain’t pretty. Most of the nasty comments are aimed at the Donald’s hairddo. By the way, is that or isn’t that his hair?

Scott Baio. “Chachi” from Happy Days. We liked to watch show. Chachi was a likable guy from the wrong side of the tracks. We related to the tough guy with a sensitive side. On the show, a few characters, including his big cousin The Fonz, teased him for being a beeatch. Still, we liked him enough to follow his short lived spin-off show. Fast forward to present day. Chachi has faded from the spotlight, but recently made headline news when he tweeted an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama with an insulting caption. Black people took to twitter and ripped Chachi a new one.

Tavis Smiley. Many of us “the blacks” have a love/hate relationship with Tavis Smiley. We have listened to him on TV and on radio for years. We appreciate the love he often shows us. Last year Smiley backed “America I Am: The African American Imprint” exhibit. The exhibit traveled across the country, including a stop in Cincinnati.

In 2008 Smiley unnerved thousands of his most faithful fans by crossing the line from criticism to player hatin’ on Obama. Some of us instantly disowned him and have never looked back.

Cornel West – We love some Cornel West. We love the way he champions for racial justice through his writing, teaching, and speaking. However, we do not like West playing tag team with Smiley against Obama. Certainly, West has some valid criticisms of Obama, but he gets the black boot because we think he could do away with the Obama name calling. Mascot? Really West?

Clinton. Bill. We liked some Bill. Blacks fell in love with presidential candidate Bill Clinton after he played the saxophone on Aresnio Hall in 1992. He officially became the first black president. But when Clinton became critic-in-chief of Barack Obama, he made us mad. We understood him supporting his wife, but we didn’t understand, or appreciate, the cheap shots he took at Obama.

Clinton. Hillary. We liked some Hillary. We like that she was intelligent, strong and had some junk in her trunk. But when she ran against Obama and told us we were delusional if we thought the sky would open, the light would come down and Celestial choirs would sing we had no choice but to cut her lose for thinking that we were stupid enough to think Obama was the Messiah.

Chuck Norris

We liked him as an actor. We liked the way he kicked ass on the little and big screen. Some of us watched his show “Walker, Texas Ranger” and was happy that his best friend was black on the show.

But when Norris started dissing Obama, by writing his nonsensical opinions for a conservative news site, and doing the two-step on Fox News, blacks cowboy kicked him to the curb.

Many put Norris on their hit (shit) list. Whether Norris is writing his nonsensical opinions for a conservative news site, or doing the two step on Fox News in a cowboy hat. Blacks can no longer stand Norris. mudane

Luke Scott. Luke who? Many of us didn’t know who the heck professional baseball player Luke Scott was until he hit a foul ball with blacks, by publicly stating that he didn’t believe Obama was a U.S. citizen. Before his comments he was unknown to many of us, after his comments, he was known and disliked FUBU.

John Stossel – When he was doing his news segments on “20/20” blacks tuned in. We liked his advocacy journalism that challenged “bad” government regulations. But when Stossel begin to appear on Fox news with his whacked libertarian ideology that attempted to make Obama the black face of bad government, blacks kicked Stossel and his played out mustache to the curb.

Rev. Jesse Jackson. How can anyone not like Martin Luther King, jr., protégé? A civil rights activist that has fought for over three decades for equal rights for black folks?

However in 2008 when Jackson accused Obama of “talking down to black people, ” some blacks begin to dislike Jackson and it’s been downhill for him ever since. Not even tears of joy at the Obama’s inauguration are enough to earn Jackson back his black card.