Friday, August 20, 2010

Cincy's own Dr. Laura AKA Bill Cunningham

Well Joe Deters boy Bill the clown is back at it again. He did everything but call a caller from Avondale, the "N" word. He might as well had used that word,  since he called her evey other bad word in the book.  He also attacked Judge Melba Marsh, a Republican, when he put her in the same catergory as Winkler, and Nadel.  The only thing that he didn't do is put his mouth on Deters' pair.  But he came close with his "sucking" praise.  Suck sound.

Listen to his podcast from Friday August 20th (after 1pm), no need to tortue yourself and listen to the entire program of garbage.


Anonymous said...

Please... you are just pissed that WLW puts Miss C on the air and won't let you on.