Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will Deters charge Jodi Edwards?

WHAT IN THE HELL IS DETERS WAITING FOR? In the words of that famous song, "What in the hell are you waiting for." OK, so what...I don't even know who sings the song or if those are the correct words. Still, I want to know what the hell Joe Deters is waiting for...?Why hasn't he made a decision as to whether or not he will charge Jodi Edwards? First we had to wait for him to finish dinner (See Enquirer story). Then we had to wait for him to get back from the Republican convention...then wait for him to read Alex M. Triantafilou (Tryingtafoolya) republican blog.... In the meantime Joe Deters is handing out more Get out of jail free cards. Hey...have you heard the latest? Joe Deters has charged Gary McCool of West Chester Township and his employee John Liber with two counts of aggravated arson and one count of arson. What makes arson aggravated? Using gasoline? Apparently the men set fire to their business for the insurance money and they also nearly burned down nearby business, nearly killing a bunch of people. But here's the kicker....ARE YOU READY?! The men are not in jail. They were released on their own recognizance. UN-BELIEVABLE. Yet another get out of jail free pass issued by Joe Deters for folks who look like him. I say Prosecute them all! Or Prosecute none. I understand times are tough but when you douse your business endangering lives, to collect the insurance cash you have to go to jail and be given a bail. Same as when you rob a bank. Do the crime do the time. Joe Deters makes me sick. He's not eager to prosecute WHITE citizens. It appears that he prefers they receive extensive rehabilitation services or diversion programs. It appears he also prefers that people of color receive extensive sentences--go straight to jail--no rehab or diversion. To the Dean of Cincinnati and Justin J--hurry up quick go commit a crime. Deters has your back. I'm kidding. I know that both of you, or I assume are outstanding citizens. I'm Just terribly frustrated. Citizens Against Joe Deters. He sent a trio of white bank robbers to jail for 10, 8, and 1 year. The trio of black robbers received 20 years. (Update Deters couldn't find any reason to charge Jodi Edwards. Figures)


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