Friday, November 21, 2008

Tis the season not to be Po'

Tis the Season Not to be Po’ (The True story of Kena Ross -- A 29 year old black mama of 7 kids, going to jail for 2 years, costing taxpayers About 100,00 grand, if not more)

Kena Ross is going to jail because she is poor. On November 14, 2008 Kena Ross, age 29, mother of 7, food stamp recipient, was convicted of child endangering. The details. They say she wanted her food stamp allotment to last the entire month so she tied her refrigerator up so that 2 of her 7 children could not continue to sneak food. When the kids did continue to sneak food by attempting to break into the refrigerator, then defecating in front of the refrigerator, perhaps in frustration, Kena handcuffed her kids with plastic flexicuffs. The cuffs left bruises. Despite her tears, her statement that she never has done anything to harm her kids, letters of support sent by her church, having no criminal record, and having a highly competent African-American attorney-- Kena Ross was sent to jail because she is poor. Judge St. Nick-Nelson (Fred) showed no mercy when he sent the mother of 7, with no criminal record, to prison. His reindeer Vixen (Actually Comet is the female reindeer) Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Linda Calambas slander-slammed Ross when she called her more of a baby-maker than a mom. Judge Fred Nelson probably relates. He’s been shown no mercy by voters. He lost his Judge’s seat. And that brown nose assistant Prosecutor Calambas, will be shown both grace and mercy as she rises through the ranks of Rudolph the Red nose-The Top Prosecutor Joe Deter’s House of Injustice. Calambas will get a sweet promotion real soon because she speaks slanderliciously like the best of the good ole’ boys. In DemiGod Joe’s likeness it appears that she too prefers not to prosecute white, wealthy, and well-connected (WWW) citizens. IF WWW ’s are charged, it appears they are charge preferentially--Go to rehabilitation/ diversion program and in one year nobody will ever know that you committed a crime. Lest we not forget the baby-forgetter Jodi Edwards, “Gosh, I forgot.” Yes! You forgot your baby. Baby Jenna Edwards. And baby Jenna died, and she baked in your mini-van. When Dr. Odell stuck a thermometer in baby Jenna’s butt, the temperature soared way past 100 degrees. And has anybody ever had sunburn? Have you ever been sun burnt? Have you ever seen baked skin peel? It peels as easily as a well-cooked sweet potato. The hand cuff marks on Ross’ kids hands, pale in comparison to skin-peeled Edwards baby. But you can’t compare apples to oranges. The spinners will argue Ross intentionally harmed her kids, and Edwards simply forgot. She truly forgot. Whomever believes that I’ve got some city of Cincinnati retirement plan bonds that I’d like to sell you. This past summer, in honor of baby Jenna, I stood in the hot sun for at least 3 hours, outside of Prosecutor Deter’s office. When passerbys passed by me and saw my brown-black behind baking and sweating, holding a larger than life sign that read, “Deter’s has got the blood of baby Jenna on his hand,” some people questioned how long I’d been standing in the sun. My reply to them was "whatever they do to the least of them, baby Jenna…" Tis the season of giving. And in this season it’s not unreasonable to believe that Deters, Nelson, and Calambas will switch their black top hats, if only temporarily, with their charity hats. Perhaps they’ll throw a penny or two, or a George Washington nickel, into that red can, that is manned by the 7 bucks an hour salvation army employee. And then mosey into their evangelical churches, and write their name in bold red letters on the volunteer list to work the soup kitchen. But after tis the season is over, they’ll return to being haters of the poor, haters of the “least of them.” In their black top hats they’ll make grand statements like, “But the criminal, could have gotten 100 years.” And those of us who love all of us, the least of us, and theWWW’s, we’ll know, we won’t forget their hypocrisy, and we’ll continue to humbly serve and protect “the least of them.” (least not meaning less than), we will continue to write, and advocate, and organize, and not condone bad behavior. We will continue to attempt to solve the root of it, not because we are paid to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do, because if we don’t do it, who will? Certainly not Pots (also known as politicians and elected officials) in their Black Top hats with their Tin cans, in the Soup lines expecting Handouts, and pay- to- play Pay-outs, and Bailouts, and Try-outs (let’s try it…let’s see if we can continue to get away with stripping Americans of their democracy and dishing out our hypocrisy--we steal and profit, and they, those ones, Senator McCain’s That One, “the least of them” will go to jail. Kena Ross because of what you did to the “least of them” (innocent-black-poor- children), least not being less than, people who the status quo cares nothing about, you are going to jail for 2 years. That’s two years and 50,000 taxpayer dollars. Not to mention what the foster care for your children will cost, and the public assistance that you’re family will continue to get for your other children who won‘t go into foster care. Here’s the kicker… when you get out, you’ll probably be put on probation, have to attend parenting classes, and some social service advocate will visit your home, and show you how to “properly” raise your kids. The irony is that this could have been done without you going to jail. If only you’d taken Personal Responsibility in the first place.

God Speed Kena Ross. FBK


s said...

That's real nice. Slam a public servant like Ms. Calambas for doing her job by protecting those kids from further predations by the one person they needed to rely on to stay safe. If the facts were as innocuous as you suggest, Ross would not have gone to jail -- probation would have been her lot. Her kid had burns on his hands and Ross didn't take hin to urgent care??? I, for one, am happy Nelson took her womb out of circulation for 2 years, and I am no fan of Nelson's.